PDA dot net install 1

Follow the sections below to Install PocketTop on your PDA



Setup PDA Connection with your PC

Since Windows Vista ActiveSync has been replaced with Windows Mobile Device Center.

  1. Connect your PDA to your PC using a USB connection.
  2. The first time you plug a Windows Mobile device into a computer that’s connected to the Internet and running Windows, Windows Mobile Device Center should be automatically downloaded and installed on the computer.
  3. Follow instructions to pair your PDA.
  4. You only need to bowse to your PDA so skip any requests to sync with email etc.


Install .NET Compact Framework on PDA

PocketTopo Installation Guide Pocket Topo runs on Windows Mobile devices. Older devices (running Windows Mobile v5.0) require the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework to be installed on them before PocketTopo will run.

  1. Download the .NET Compact Framework from here
  2. Ensure your PDA is connected to your PC
  3. Click on the download .msi file to start installation
    PDA dot net install 1PDA dot net install 2
  4. PDA dot net install 3PDA dot net install 4
  5. PDA dot net install 5 
  6. Microsoft .NET software will be automatically copied onto your PDA
  7. PDA dot net install 6
  8. PDA dot net install 7
  9. You will need to reboot your PDA
  10. PDA dot net install 8 
  11. PDA dot net install 9
  12. That it


Installation of PocketTopo

  1. Download the latest version of PocketTopo which is contained in a zip file from here 
  2. Unzip the file on your PC to create a PocketTopo folder containing the application files.
  3. Ensure that your PDA is connected to your PC
  4. Using Windows Mobile Device Manager open File Managment on your PDA. You can do this without setting up your PDA.  You just need to connect to it.
    PDA pockettopo install 0
  5. Copy the entire unzipped PocketTopo directory from your PC to the {root}\Program Files\ directory on your PDA. Alternatively you can copy the PocketTopo folder to a memory card and then put this card into your device. If prompted copy everything.
  6. Create a short cut in the programs folder.  Click on the start button and open the programs page.
    PDA pockettopo install 1
  7. In the programs page open File Explorer
    PDA pockettopo install 2
  8. In File Explorer navigate to the {root}\program files\pockettopo directory 
  9. Click AND hold (so as not to open it) the PocketTopo executable file.  The select Copy
    PDA pockettopo install 3
  10. In File Explorer navigate to My Device\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
    PDA pockettopo install 6
  11. Click on the Menu at the bottom of the screen and [Edit] [Paste Shortcut]
  12. Rename the shortcut by clicking and holding and selecting rename.  Rename it to just “PocketTopo”
    PDA pockettopo install 7    
  13. Close File Explorer and you will see PocketTopo in the Programs screen.
    PDA pockettopo install 8
  14. Thats pretty much it unless you would like the program on the start menu.  To do this go [Start] [Settings]
    PDA pockettopo install 9
  15. Select Menus and simply check the tick box against it.
    PDA pockettopo install 10
  16. Job done!
    PDA pockettopo install 11

Setting up your PDA to communicate with a DistoX2

You need to configure your PDA to talk to your DistoX.  Follow these steps to make this happen.

  1. Goto the Settings screen  [Start] [Settings]
    PDA 2 DistoX 01
  2. Click on the Connections tab and then select Bluetooth. 
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth the click on the Devices Tab
    PDA 2 DistoX 02
  4. The PDA will scan for Bluetooth devices.  Make sure your Disto is turned on.  Select the DistoX as found and click next.
    PDA 2 DistoX 04
  5. Leave the passphrase blank or enter 0000 and click next
    PDA 2 DistoX 05
  6. The PDA will the pair with the DistoX.  Next check the Serial Port for communications and click next
    PDA 2 DistoX 06
  7. Now we need to configure the port.  Choose a New Outgoing Port
    PDA 2 DistoX 07
  8. Select COM7 and finish.
    PDA 2 DistoX 08
  9. Now open PocketTop and [Menu] [Options] [Port] [COM7]
    PDA 2 DistoX 09
  10. Finally click on [Menu] [Bluetooth] [connect] and watch your data flood in!
    PDA 2 DistoX 10


Perform Factory Reset (Optional)

If you are starting with a “new” PDA then you might be advised to perform a factory reset.  Follow the instruction here to do this.

NOTICE: When you perform a hard reset, you lose all the data stored in your device memory, and any programs that you installed on your device.
Perform a hard reset if:

  • You want to delete all the data stored in your device memory.
  • You forget your password and need to clear it.
  • Your device is experiencing severe operational problems and you have already attempted a soft reset.

NOTICE: It is strongly recommended that you back up your data before you perform a hard reset. See ActiveSync Help on your computer for
more information.
To perform a hard reset:

  1. Press and hold the power button.
  2. Using the reset stylus, hold the reset button for about 2 seconds.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.

PDA factory reset


Other usefull Settings

  • in Power Settings set the power button to turn off on long hold
  • set the screen back light to the minimum to preserve power