We currently have the following keys available for use by members (and guests on payment of a deposit). The members’ key box is situated inside the tackle store. Please remember to sign out the key in the book provided and to return the key as soon as possible. 


  • Box Freestone Quarry
  • Brown’s Folly Mine
  • CSCC key (access to several caves*)
  • GB Cave
  • Longwood Swallet
  • Rhino Rift
  • White Pit (not in the key cupboard, contact Caving Secretary)

Note that access to GB, Longwood, Charterhouse and Rhino also requires a CCC permit which are available free online. See here for info.

BEC members get an annual permit as part of their membership; guests can obtain a temporary one from a committee member for a small fee.

* Caves locked with a CSCC padlock include:

  • Attborough Swallet
  • Balch Cave
  • Coral Cave
  • Chardswell Cave
  • Compton Martin Ochre Mine
  • Cuckoo Cleeves
  • Fairy Cave Quarry cavers’ car park
  • Five Buddles Sink
  • Flower Pot
  • Hillier’s Cave
  • Hillwithy Cave
  • Loxton Cave (3)
  • Loxton Quarry Cave
  • Nettle Pot
  • Priddy Green Sink
  • Singing River Mine
  • Stainsby’s Shaft (fence and grille)
  • Stock Hill Shaft
  • Ubley Hill Pot

South Wales

  • Agen Allwedd
  • Ogof Craig y Ffynnon
  • Ogof Draenen

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