Some caves have a wardenship system. These are the known wardens in the BEC for caves on Mendip and South Wales. Appearance on this list does not mean these people are obliged to take you on a trip, so ask nicely!

Updated Oct 2019

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  • St Cuthbert’s Luke Edwards, Stuart Gardiner, Pete Glanvill, Martin Grass, Pete Hellier, Ben Holstead, Anya Keatley, Tim Large, Faye Litherland, Stuart McManus, MadPhil Rowsell, Estelle Sandford, Chris Smart, Rich Smith, Hels Warren, Greg Brock, Vern Freeman, Mandy Voysey, Laura Benn, Henry Dawson
  • Reservoir Hole Martin Grass, Pete Glanvill, Estelle Sandford, Stuart Gardiner, Tony Boycott, Nick Gymer, Vern Freeman.
  • Charterhouse Stuart Gardiner, Pete Hellier
  • Warden led Fairy Caves Pete Glanvill, Martin Grass, Pete Rose, Chris Smart, Dave Turner, Mandy Voysey, Vern Freeman. 
  • Grebe Martin Grass
  • Wookey Hole Martin Grass
  • Pen Park Hole Henry Dawson, Tony Boycott
  • Upper Flood Swallet Henry Dawson

South Wales / Forest of Dean

  • Dan Yr Ogof/Tunnel Martin Grass, Rob Harper, Paul Fairman, Stuart Gardiner, Laura Benn, Rich Smith, Rufus Allan
  • Ogof Capel Paul Fairman (also key holder), Rob Harper
  • Otter Hole Henry Dawson, 

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