To Call Out Cave Rescue

  1. Dial 999 (or 112 – the single European Emergency Number).
  2. Ask for the POLICE. If calling from a mobile and requesting assistance on Mendip ask for AVON AND SOMERSET POLICE.
  3. Then ask for CAVE RESCUE.
  4. Prepare to give the following details: Cave name; Location within cave; Numbers and condition of those involved; Details of any injuries sustained.
  5. STAY BY THE PHONE.  If using a mobile stay in a good reception area.A Mendip Cave Rescue Warden will call back for more details so please keep the phone line free.

About Cave Rescue

Cave rescue on Mendip is handled by the volunteers of Mendip Cave Rescue. The callout list for cave rescue is club-based; i.e. a callout list is maintained by each of the member clubs. The BEC callout list is maintained by the BEC MCR representative (see the committee page for the current representative). BEC members should give them their details if they wish to be added to the list.

We try to organise full-scale underground BEC rescue practices twice a year with some additional surface sessions. Please contact the BEC MCR representative if you’d like them to organise something specific.

The cave rescue equipment store on Mendip is located in the old stone Belfry within the current Belfry’s car park.

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