Belfry Front door 2014

The Belfry is the legendary hut of Mendip. Most weekends and Wednesday nights it is rammed full of cavers living up to the BEC motto. The current building is the seventh owned by the club and has been built to stand the test of time.

Belfry Front door 2014

Non-member cavers are welcome to stay subject to space (book the Belfy here).

Belfry Main room2 2014

The main room is the heart of the Belfry. It has a wood-burning stove and a bar to enhance those cosy apres-cave chats or the singing of traditional caving songs. On more riotous nights (often) you will find Belfryites dancing to our technically advanced sound system on a hefty table made out of the floor of the previous Belfry. If that’s still too sedate for you, we can push all the furniture back for a game of sofa rugby (check your life insurance is up to date).

Belfry Main room 2014 

Off the main room is the ultra-modern food preparation station (open plan living, the Belfry was way ahead of its time!)


This is the main bunkroom.

Belfry bunkroom 2014

and we have a second bunk room in our extension.

Belfry upper bunkroom 2014

There is a changing room with showers …

 Belfry Changing room 2014

and a drying room. 

 Belfry Dryingroom 2014

In the new extension we have a workshop / tackle store stocked full of caving gear.

 Belfry tacklestore 2014

We also have an extensive library full of caving and climbing books and journals that members have times access to.

Belfry Library 2014


On top of all this we also offer free WiFi



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