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Pitch Found in Rose Cottage

Following work done on Wednesday 22nd March 2006 JRat and Tangent cleared the debris at the End of Prancer’s Pride to gain access to the top of a pitch.

The new pitch shown here now leads to a much deeper cave than just a few days ago.

A team of four descended on Saturday night and dropped a 2m rope, 10m
ladder, 5m free and another 4m free climbed pitch to a ………..

grotty little sump.

However the site looks like it will yeild to digging. There is a large crystal pool at the bottom which needs to be photographed before work commences.

Well, at least the depth of the cave has doubled. Damn!

For picture of the cave look here.  

Update 1

The "sump" is more of a muddy puddle which does drain the water. Digging has commenced but it is pretty aqueous to say the least. Since the place was discovered the water level has risen so that on the last couple of trips there has been knee deep water. For now there is enough stacking space but this is not huge. The dig would appear to be largish rocks packed with mud (gloop). Hopefully as we move into the summer the place will dry up to enable us to push it more effectively.  1 April 2006

Update 2

We have devised a plan to drain the end of water by bailing it into a "potential" overflow just behind the digface. If this works then we are game on for pushing the end before the summer starts. Hopefully we’ll give this a go in the next week. 13 April 2006

Update 3

A system has now been installed to bail the "sump". After rigging up the kit it took three people about 30 minutes to clear the water. Digging was then fast through liquid mud. The pool has layered mud which is pretty solid until ripped up, however the dimensions are decreasing and it appears that the way on may pinch in. Only time will tell. If it does we go where the water is bailed to.