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Constitutional Amendments Proposal.

(In accordance with section 7A of the Constitution)

Committee Proposals  (reference section 5 - Committee)

1.         Para. 5A:  First line "less than 7" be replaced by "less than 8"

2.         That  para. 5b be split into 2 parts.  5b(i) and 5b(ii) and altered as follows: -

5(i) shall read a 5b, but with the word "nine" replaced by “twelve”.

Note: 5b(ii) shall be a clause to allow an election for the committee to take place at the AGM if the system as set out in 5b (i) fails.

5b(ii) to read "In the event that the Secretary receives less than eight nominations by the end of the second week of tember, providing he has given written notice to all members no less than seven days before the AGM, he may ask the Chairman to accept nominations from the floor. Any nominations must be seconded.

The candidates shall include those members nominated from the floor plus any nominations notified a in 5b(i) and voting will be by a method acceptable to the meeting".

3.         Para 5c change “nine” to “twelve”.

4.         Para 5d add “and Membership Secretary” after “Editor”.

Additional Amendment

Proposede:  C.M. Smart

Seconded:  A.Jarrett

That section 3(a)A be amended as follows:  “Married couples” be replaced by “Married and Common Law Couples”.

This is in line with other caving clubs e.g. Bradford Pothole Club and the D.C.R.A. who accept such common law couples as joint members.  I believe that it would have the additional benefit of bringing in extra revenue.

As the committee has the ultimate sanction of accepting or rejecting such membership this amendment is not as radical as it seems at first inspection.