Charterhouse Caving Company permits are required to visit access to caves in the Charterhouse area of Mendip, including GB Cave and Longwood Swallet.

CCC Ltd. permit system link –

Permits are downloadable, for you to print or show from your device. All members of a party wishing to visit a cave requiring a permit will have to show the key issuer they hold a permit.

The CCC Ltd have also recommended the following advice for key issuers; 

  • Ensure that every member of the party has a current permit. This can be either a print out or a digital copy.
  • If there is a suspicion that a permit was not issued by CCC Ltd through the online portal, a key should not be issued.
  • There is a facility to check the validity of a permit, if you have online access. However if you do not have access, it is not your responsibility to carry out this check. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to be honest.
  • Check that at least one member of a party has a permit that shows they are a BCA member. If that is not the case, then ALL party members MUST have permits indicating two or more years’ caving experience. This ensures that SWT remains indemnified by the BCA insurance policy.

The online system also includes waiver forms for cavers aged 12-17. As a reminder, underage cavers must hold BCA insurance and are not covered by the “2 years of experience” waiver offered to over 18s. If issuing a key to a party with an underage caver, please check that the party satisfies the safeguarding measures outlined in the BCA safeguarding policy

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