St Cuthberts Wardens Meeting Minutes
Saturday 21st November 2009


Present: Faye Litherland, Toby Maddocks, Estelle Sandford, Graham Price, Alan Butcher, Greg Brock, Tony Boycott, Dave Turner, Martin Grass, Vern Freeman, Alison Moody, Stuart MacManus, Pete Glanvill, Brian Workman, Tim Large.
Apologies: Chris Castle, Ron “Kangy” King, Ric Halliwell, Jeremy Gilson, Sean Howe, Pete Hellier
Observers: Chrissy Price
Secretary: Faye Litherland

Meeting Started at 15:00


Item   Minute  Actions
 1 Election of Chairman – Toby Maddocks proposed. Voted in Unanimously  
 2 Three new wardens have been appointed since the last meeting. Jeremy Gilson, Toby Maddocks & Faye Litherland.  
 3 Matters arising from previous meeting – Minutes are unavailable from the previous meeting.  

Fixed tackle repairs and condition –

  • Arrete ladder and Mud Hall ladders need re-fitting.
  • Actions: Alan Butcher & Stuart McManus to resolve by end April 2010
  • Rings on Maypole Inlet were discusses and it was decided that the current bolt placements were sufficient.
  • Ropes have been removed from Gour Passage Pitch, Stal Pitch Bypass & The Beehive.

Vern Freeman reported that stal by Chandelier Passage has been muddied again after cleaning. Also the stal bank in towards the end of Rabbit Warren Extension has also become muddied.

Ali Moody and Toby Maddocks have smoothed out the mud below the second stal bank and installed tape.

Alison Moody stated that standards of cavers have reduced in respect to conservation awareness.

Action: Wardens are requested to take more care in monitoring their parties and not assume awareness of conservation.

Action: Faye Litherland to generate a set of guidelines for prospective parties, including conservation requirements and caving equivalence. Their awareness of conservation must not be assumed.

All, FL
6 Re-taping has been completed by the drip pockets, September Chamber and Victory Passage. The Strand still needs re-taping and all red and white tape still needs to finish being removed in September Series.  
St Cuthberts Wardens Rules Update –
Action: Visiting Parties Rules & Wardens Rules have been worked on by Toby Maddocks, Vern Freeman & Alison Moody. These have been approved by the BEC Committee and are to be circulated to all wardens by Faye Litherland
Procedure for becoming a St Cuthberts Warden – The guidance and application form were updated during the meeting and agreed.
Proposed – Martin Grass, 2nd – Alan Butcher
Accepted unanimously
9 Any Other Business  
a Preservation of the Great Gour & Beehive –

It is recommended that parties should use the underneath route on the way in and come back over the top on the left hand side using a rope if required.

b Fixed Point Photography Locations –

Photographs are to be taken every three years.

Martin Grass to provide Faye Litherland with a list of the fixed points as agreed with Natural England.

c Current use of the entrance dam –

Estelle Sandford raised concerns over leakage of water into the system when the entrance dam is closed. There has been movement in the entrance series as a possible result of the flood pulse generated each time the dam is opened.

The meeting was concerned at the amount of erosion taking place in the entrance series. Wardens should use discretion when putting the dam in to minimise erosion.

d Long Standing Wardens –

Current Long Standing Wardens who want to opt out of taking tourist trips need to advise the BEC St Cuthberts Secretary.

This can also apply to Long Standing Guest Wardens with the approval of the BEC Committee. This would allow additional warden(s) for guest clubs.

e Guest Wardens from other clubs –

The meeting felt that any bonafide Mendip Club with BCA Insurance can have up to two guest Wardens.

Action: Faye Litherland to bring up with the BEC Committee.

10 20th November 2010 10:30 Back Room of the Hunters.

Future annual meetings will be scheduled to coincide with the awarding of the J’Ratt Digging Shovel.


Meeting closed at 16:49

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