Committee Members

  • Secretary Babs Williams
  • Treasurer Estelle Sandford
  • Membership Secretary Paul Clement-Walker
  • Hut Warden Joanne Meldner (assisted by Pat Hillier from June 2016)
  • Hut Engineer Ian Gregory (Stuart Gardiner to June 2016)
  • Caving Secretary Hannah Bennett
  • Tackle Master Chris Batstone
  • Belfry Bulletin Editor Peter Glanvill
  • Floating Member Rob Adams, Dany Bradshaw, Stu Gardiner


Non-Committee Posts

  • Librarians Rich Smith, Tim Large
  • Auditor Chris Smart
  • Website Editors Henry Bennett, Rich Smith
  • Archivists Tim Large
  • Club Trustees Martin Grass, Nigel Taylor, Bob Cork, Mike Wilson
  • Mendip Cave Rescue Representatives Matt Wire

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