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You need to give us at east one months notice to arrange a leader.
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Leaders Rules for St.Cuthberts Swallet

St Cuthberts Swallet has been open for over 50 years and is in a good condition. The overriding imperative is to preserve St Cuthberts and yet keep it open for visiting cavers in a sympathetic way. To this end these rules, derived from long experience, are given .

  1. Parties are limited to five (5) cavers per leader.

  2. No novices are permitted in the cave.

  3. No Carbide lights are to be used.

  4. If visiting a particularly muddy area of the cave try to wash off in the streamway to avoid muddying other sections of the cave.

  5. A tackle fee of £1 (one pound) is payable by all non BEC Members.

  6. No Persons under 16 (sixteen) years of age should enter the cave.

  7. The Warden’s decision is final in relation to any part of the trip underground.

  8. All cavers are individually responsible for ensuring they have caving insurance.

I have read and agree to the rules