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Some caves have a wardenship system. These are the known wardens in the BEC for caves on Mendip and South Wales. Appearance on this list does not mean these people are obliged to take you on a trip, so ask nicely!

Updated Oct 2019

Please contact the Caving Secretary with any amendments.  You can to this via the contact us form form the main menu.


  • St Cuthbert’s Tony Boycott, Luke Edwards, Stuart Gardiner, Pete Glanvill, Martin Grass, Pete Hellier, Ben Holstead, Anya Keatley, Tim Large, Faye Litherland, Stuart McManus, MadPhil Rowsell, Estelle Sandford, Chris Smart, Rich Smith, Dave Turner, Hels Warren, Greg Brock, Vern Freeman
  • Reservoir Hole Martin Grass, Pete Glanvill, Estelle Sandford, Stuart Gardiner, Tony Boycott, Nick Gymer, Vern Freeman.
  • Charterhouse Stuart Gardiner, Pete Hellier
  • Warden led Fairy Caves Pete Glanvill, Martin Grass, Pete Rose, Chris Smart, Dave Turner, Mandy Voysey, Vern Freeman. 
  • Grebe Martin Grass
  • Wookey Hole Martin Grass
  • Pen Park Hole Henry Dawson, Tony Boycott
  • Upper Flood Swallet Henry Dawson

South Wales / Forest of Dean

  • Dan Yr Ogof/Tunnel Martin Grass, Rob Harper, Paul Fairman, Stuart Gardiner, Laura Benn, Rich Smith, Rufus Allan
  • Ogof Capel Paul Fairman (also key holder), Rob Harper
  • Otter Hole Henry Dawson, 

The Ian Dear Memorial Fund (IDMF) was converted to the Expedition Fund in 2014 and is now defunct


The Ian Dear Memorial Fund (IDMF) is a fund that gives financial support to young, impoverished BEC members to go on expeditions. To quote Mike Wilson:

The fund is basically a trust fund set up to help young cavers to go to the Continent, there are no restrictions, as long as you are a full member of the club, still at College or not in permanent employment and under 21 years old, you are entitled to apply for financial assistance to top up your travel expenses. This would normally be part of a BEC party organised by older members. This used to be kept down to a single Grant per year as the fund does not accumulate a great deal of Bank interest per annum.

The Club does not ask for any repayment but does ask that you write a good report of the trip for the belfry bulletin!! It goes without saying that when the recipient is filthy rich it would be nice if they add to the fund financially to help others.

Ask the Committee for details on how to apply.

More Information

We currently have the following keys available for use by members (and guests on payment of a deposit). The members' key box is situated inside the tackle store. Please remember to sign out the key in the book provided and to return the key as soon as possible. 


  • Box Freestone Quarry
  • Brown's Folly Mine
  • CSCC key (access to several caves*)
  • GB Cave
  • Longwood Swallet
  • Rhino Rift
  • White Pit (not in the key cupboard, contact Caving Secretary)

Note that access to GB, Longwood, Charterhouse and Rhino also requires a CCC permit. BEC members get an annual permit as part of their membership; guests can obtain a temporary one from a committee member for a small fee.

* Caves locked with a CSCC padlock include:

  • Attborough Swallet
  • Balch Cave
  • Coral Cave
  • Chardswell Cave
  • Compton Martin Ochre Mine
  • Cuckoo Cleeves
  • Fairy Cave Quarry cavers' car park
  • Five Buddles Sink
  • Flower Pot
  • Hillier's Cave
  • Hillwithy Cave
  • Loxton Cave (3)
  • Loxton Quarry Cave
  • Nettle Pot
  • Priddy Green Sink
  • Singing River Mine
  • Stainsby's Shaft (fence and grille)
  • Stock Hill Shaft
  • Ubley Hill Pot

South Wales

  • Agen Allwedd
  • Ogof Craig y Ffynnon
  • Ogof Draenen

To Call Out Cave Rescue

  1. Dial 999 (or 112 - the single European Emergency Number).
  2. Ask for the POLICE. If calling from a mobile and requesting assistance on Mendip ask for AVON AND SOMERSET POLICE.
  3. Then ask for CAVE RESCUE.
  4. Prepare to give the following details: Cave name; Location within cave; Numbers and condition of those involved; Details of any injuries sustained.
  5. STAY BY THE PHONE.  If using a mobile stay in a good reception area.A Mendip Cave Rescue Warden will call back for more details so please keep the phone line free.

About Cave Rescue

Cave rescue on Mendip is handled by the volunteers of Mendip Cave Rescue. The callout list for cave rescue is club-based; i.e. a callout list is maintained by each of the member clubs. The BEC callout list is maintained by the BEC MCR representative (see the committee page for the current representative). BEC members should give them their details if they wish to be added to the list.

We try to organise full-scale underground BEC rescue practices twice a year with some additional surface sessions. Please contact the BEC MCR representative if you'd like them to organise something specific.

The cave rescue equipment store on Mendip is located in the old stone Belfry within the current Belfry's car park.


South Wales

Yorkshire Dales