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Caine Hill is a dig strongly associated with Tony "J-Rat" Jarratt, who restarted the project in March 2007. J-Rat has sadly since passed away but digging continues by a very enthusiastic team.

To quote from Stu Lindsay:

 Caine Hill is a dig, it is on private land and Mendip curtesy is to inform someone you are going down, most importantly Tim or Jude whose land the entrance is on. ( its free ) The digging team  have no problems with people going down, ALL ARE WELCOME,  and hopefully you will do something when down there...dig, take down empty bags or haul a few back to various staging posts ! Digging is Wednesday night at 1900/1930 and most Sundays  around 1430. Other times may be pre arranged. Air quality can sometimes be compromised...

Top Dig Connects 

After many months of work the second Rose Cottage entrance has now connected back in with the main cave near Paul's Personal Project over the Christmas break. Jane Clarke and Trevor Hughes had the dubious pleasure of breaking through the final few feet of crud.

On the first Wednesday digging session of 2007 a large team assembled to pull out all the remaining skips and digging bags to final put this one to rest.

Was it all worth it? Why did we dig there in the first place? Where will we go now?

All I can say is,  thanks for finishing it. Now can we get back to some proper exploration!

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Pitch Found in Rose Cottage

Following work done on Wednesday 22nd March 2006 JRat and Tangent cleared the debris at the End of Prancer's Pride to gain access to the top of a pitch.

The new pitch shown here now leads to a much deeper cave than just a few days ago.

A team of four descended on Saturday night and dropped a 2m rope, 10m ladder, 5m free and another 4m free climbed pitch to a ...........

Rose Cottage Top Dig is heading for....

Last weekend Tony Jarrat and I had a bet on after a digging session on Friday night. I thought he was heading in the wrong direction and was over 3m away and he thought he was on course and really close. Since there was beer at stake we undertook to survey it on Saturday night. Realising that the pub was open this was pushed back to Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday, Rich Smith, Henry Bennett and Doug Harris (MCG - getting some digging lessons in for Upper Flood) ran a tape and compass over the place and discovered....

Loxton Cavern 

article coutesy of Chris Binding (CSCC C&A)

The successful cave discoverers/explorers Nick and Nick of the BEC kindly led a Leaders' Induction Day at Loxton Cavern on Saturday 7th January, organised by CSCC, for club leaders to this relatively recent Mendip discovery.

Since the cave was originally intercepted by miners back in the C18th it contains evidence of their endeavors and these take the form of tally marks, scratched drawings, knee imprints, boot imprints, soot marks & graffiti, 200 year old boots in situ, evidence of stal removal, pick marks etc., all of which require careful appreciation so as to avoid obliterating or muddying over by unaware cavers - hence the leaders' induction trip pointing out their various locations, and advice for moving around the looser sections.