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Donation Cancelled

Sorry to see that you've decided to not to go ahead with a donation. If you ever want to change your mind then I'd be very grateful!! 

Donation Received 

Many thanks for you donation!!!  Every bit helps to make the site more informative for both our members and the general public.


Would you like to donate to the running of the BEC website?

The BEC website is wholly maintained and funded by myself.  Historically the site was run on a shoestring budget with limited functionality and very little change. The site has grown a little since thenÂ…

  • Over 20,000 visitors a month
  • requiring 2GB of web storage
  • using 3GB monthly bandwidth
  • serviced by 3 databases with over 300 tables
  • with content that s regularly refreshed.

All this requires a sophisticated software solution and hosting plan. Any donation to the cost would be greatly appreciated.


Henry Bennett