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Slideshow - The Last 5 Years of Dachstein Exploration

Saturday November 18th

The BEC has been active in Austria for over 40 years. MadPhil has been pushing back the boudaries of speleology out there in recent times and is hosting a slideshow charting the progress being made.

Food (and drink?) will be avaialble. 

Venue: the Belfry, Priddy, Somerset 

Free Entry: Open to all

Slideshow - Meghalaya - Saturday 20th January @ The Belfry

For years Tony Jarrat has been returning from India with tales of endless passages and true exploration. Join him and Simon Brooks as they lead you though the expeditions of the last few years to this amazing area.

Food and drink  will be avaialble. 

Venue: the Belfry, Priddy, Somerset 

Free Entry: Open to all

You can now book the Belfry online!

To make it easier for your group to find somewhere to stay on Mendip, the BEC now offers you the opportunity to arrange booking the Belfry online.

What could be simpler?  None of that mucking about with trying to catch the right person at the right time. Just fill out our online form and sit back and relax. Heck, go for a beer! We'll get right back to you confirming the details. Sorted!

The form can be found by navigating to The Belfry > Hut Bookings from the main menu.

Slideshow - China - Saturday 17th March @ The Belfry

A combined talk on several expeditions that have happened recently to China. Doors open at 19:00 sharp, food will be served, Prawn Crackers, Spring Rolls, Pork and Black Bean and Sichaun Aubergine plus rice(£2 in the pot to cover costs). Liquid beverage also available.

Talks will start at 19:30,

Paul Windle - China when he was a wee lad
Madphil - Tian Xing
Rich Bay field - Yunnan

Hope to see you all there, and possibly encourage some of you to come on one!!

See you there

AGM and Dinner

The Annual AGM and Dinner are coming up fast.

The AGM is at 10.30 hrs Saturday 7th. October 2006 at the BELFRY.

BEC DINNER at the BATH ARMS HOTEL, Cheddar. Please complete your booking form and send it to Nigel Taylor asap. Space are very liimited this year so it will be on a first come first served (not literaly) basis. As usual there will be a bus from the Hunters and back for those who want it.

Support the club by being there!