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A trip down one of Tony's favourite digs. A pint of some of Mendip's finest ales. A chat with all you mates. Click on read more to find out what's going on...UPDATED (Sunday 9th)

Please support the declaration for cave protection in the European Parliament. 

Until 4th of December 2008 deputies of the European Parliament can sign a declaration for cave protection. Every speleological federation in Europe supports the declaration.

From November 11th to 12th 2008 an information stand will be in front of the plenary hall in Brussels. And a media conference will be held on the 11th. Only if the majority of deputies signs, we can establish cave protection all over Europe. 

Therefore we need your help: 

Work has started on the new entrance to Wigmore in an attempt to get down to the Young Bloods extension.


Note that access is still being negotatiated and the concrete tubing will require some preperation work before gaining serious depth. Please refain from visting the site until this has been resolved.

3pm, Friday 12th. September 2008, Haycombe Crematorium ,Bath

Please note that the Haycombe Crematorium Chapel can only accommodate 170 persons, and it is envisaged that the numbers seeking to attend may not only be in excess of that figure, but will actually mean many persons will have to remain outside.

After the main ceremony a 'private' Cremation will be held in the Lower Chapel for close family and friends.

It was Tony's wish that all would later return to the Hunters Lodge Inn, Priddy for the Second Wake!
He so enjoyed his first wake so much and really regretted that he would probably miss the second one.


Memorial Service - Saturday 15th November.

Since there maybe many people who are unable to attend this sendoff a Memorial Service will be held on Priddy Village Hall.


Many of you will now be aware the after a brief struggle with Cancer, our "Jrat" has sadly died.
It matters not whether you knew Tony for 20 minutes twenty days or twenty years or more, all of us will miss him each in no small way.
Many of you may have joined the B.E.C having been proposed by him, or having dug in one or more of his numerous excavations.
What is clear is that we all benefited in one way or another from his humour, his tenacity, his very spirit.
When in 2000 I had the honour to present him with Honorary Life Membership of the BEC, I said that one day I felt he would be regarded almost as a second H.E.Balch. His tireless labours underground, his meticulous writing-up of his finds and his publications all bare evidence of this. I believe this is truer this sad day than it was those eight years ago.
I have seldom known a man who had no malice in his soul. Rarely if ever did he indulge in any caving politics or utter anything that was not in his own particular way- reasoned and of pertinent value.
It is not only the BEC who have lost a good friend this day, but the whole of the British Caving world have lost a dear and valued friend, a human dynamo of Cave Exploration, Mine Exploration and Speleological knowledge rolled into one small and kind man.
Another star has died but Tonys' twinkle and humour will remain with us long after our own time has come.
With great sorrow at the passing of a dear and loyal friend,
Nigel Taylor,
Hon.Secretary, Bristol Exploration Club,
Sunday 31st.August 2008.