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Plans are now well advanced for the Belfry BBQ. A team a crack charcoal enthusiasts have hatched a plan to ensure maximum pleasure during the evening.

Additional power has been laid on, a high octane sound system borrowed and the tunes are lining up for a good rinsin.

We don’t need to stake our claim to being the party hut on Mendip. More fun than all those other club socials and better than a poke in the eye. Get yourself down there to party to excess!

We lose the Ashes!

but maintain the moral high ground. 

It looked ominous from the start. The unbroken blue skies of the preceding days had gone and in it place a patter of rain was falling. Undeterred, a hard core team of Belfryites sautered onto the freshly prepared pitch. The Weegies fielded first and the BEC team (with a few co-opted bodies) managed to score something like 50 all out. That even included a few going in for a second innings given that it was a 20-20 over match.

Website Hacked!!

Over the weekend a group of Turkish hackers had the audacity to hack our website. After establishing how they got in the site has been restored with minimal impact from a backup. However as the calendar code proved to be insecure it has now been removed from the site. Clearly these spotty teenagers need to be locked up and get a life. Bastards!

Search now works!

OK. You would of thought that searching was a fairly fundamental part of a site. However up till now if you searched through the back issues of Belfry Bulletins a hit would always land you on the first page of that BB. Not exactly useful if what your looking for is buried in a deeper page. However now, thanks to the wonders of modern coding, you are presented with the relevant page for your search. FunDeMental!

Annual Battle for the Ashes 

The BEC vs Wessex Cricket match will take place after the lunchtime pub session on Saturday 22nd July.

After the cows have been evicted, a pair specially prepared creases are planned to be crafted in Eastwater Field by kicking away the cow shit and giving it a mow (if we can be arsed).

Why not come along and slog a few balls into the nettles or simply relax, soak up the sun (if the is any) and sample the delights of a barrel of Butcombe.

A fun day out for all the family! Guaranteed! You knows it!