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It is in a state of profound shock and deep regret, that I sadly write to inform you of the untimely death of Barrie WILTON, Membership number 559, during the afternoon of Saturday 3rd. March whilst at his home.

Barrie had been suffering from a serious illness over the last few months, which he had been struggling to overcome.
His cheerful 'terrier like' attitude to BEC matters and his total and utter dedication to the BEC will be greatly missed. He was a man with always a twinkle and mischievious gleam in his eye. A kind man, who bore no malice towards anyone, and always faced life with a shrug and a grin.
He had many a friend outside of and also within the BEC, and whenever you were in his company, you knew you were with a great friend.
That friend will be sorely missed by many of us, but not so much as by his devoted and bereaved wife Brenda, to whom the   B.E.C extends its heartfelt sympathy at her distress.
I will circulate any further details regarding arrangements when I am aware of Brenda's wishes.
Nigel Taylor,
Hon.Secretary B.E.C
10.00 hrs GMT, Sunday 4th. March 2007


We are saddened to hear that Stanley "Alfie" Collins has passed away.  Alfie joined the BEC in 1947 as member number 89 and has remained a life member ever since.

His funeral will take place 12 noon at Litton Church on Wednesday 31st October 2007 with a wake at the Hunters thereafter.

CHECC 2006 - The aftermath

 We said it would be a large one. We weren't wrong. Check out the photo gallery for the evidence. Not quite a regular night at the Belfry.

Fermanagh 2006

Rich Bayfield, Andy Kuzyk, Charlotte Harris, Rich Beer and Chris Jewell (some of the BEC youth) went to Fermangh in Northern Ireland for a long weekend of caving.

A couple of years earlier I’d been to Mallorca on a caving and canyoning trip with a large contingent of Irish cavers and when I met one of them in the Hunters in September I thought it was about time I went and did some caving over there.


CHECC Party 2006!!! November 25th

After having staked our case as the Party Club on Mendip at our memorable* summer BBQ we once again proudly offer you the chance to get mashed up at the Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs annual stomp.

The Belfry, Wessex and Shepton have all been booked for student accommodation.

All BEC members and friends are welcome to rock up and sample the delights of the BBQ and sample from the huge selection of barrels.

The BEC do it to Excess! Don't miss this one!

*if you can remember you clearly weren't there.
(Photo courtesy of RUCC)