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Battle for the Ashes 

The Cavers vs Priddy Cricket match will take place after the lunchtime pub session on Sunday 26th July.

In a break from tradition of playing against the Wessex, the challenge this year is from the Priddy's 1st Eleven and will be mellowed out on the village green.

Why not come along and slog a few balls into the nettles or simply relax, soak up the sun (if the is any) and sample the delights of a barrel of Butcombe.

A fun day out for all the family! Guaranteed!

You can now book the Belfry online!

To make it easier for your group to find somewhere to stay on Mendip, the BEC now offers you the opportunity to arrange booking the Belfry online.

What could be simpler?  None of that mucking about with trying to catch the right person at the right time. Just fill out our online form and sit back and relax. Heck, go for a beer! We'll get right back to you confirming the details. Sorted!

The form can be found by navigating to The Belfry > Hut Bookings from the main menu.

Bertie is Back !!!

The Belfry was rebranded over the weekend with our very own mascot. A huge Bertie Bat now lurches over the porch looking menacing at all who enter.

Whilst out on one of it's nightly feeding sessions it managed to snare the Wessex dragon (or Griffin or whatever the feck it is). Since it clearly is pretty unpalatable he hasn't yet had a chance to digest it.

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It was a blinder of a night. Not knowing the numbers we laid on 4 barrels for the night, food for 100 people, plus a complete outdoor dj rig. The weather was appalling but that didn’t seem to make any difference. By midnight the beer had gone and everyone switched to personal stashes. At 2:30am the sounds were still playing outside.

More images are now available online.Just click on the fire and it'll take you to the album. If you have any you'd like to share then email me via the contact form..

Slideshow - China - Saturday 17th March @ The Belfry

A combined talk on several expeditions that have happened recently to China. Doors open at 19:00 sharp, food will be served, Prawn Crackers, Spring Rolls, Pork and Black Bean and Sichaun Aubergine plus rice(£2 in the pot to cover costs). Liquid beverage also available.

Talks will start at 19:30,

Paul Windle - China when he was a wee lad
Madphil - Tian Xing
Rich Bay field - Yunnan

Hope to see you all there, and possibly encourage some of you to come on one!!

See you there