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Saturday 10th November 2007

Memorial Plaque 

We are all meeting at the Belfry at around 0930 next Saturday 10th November, where we shall meet Dave’s family Mike Irwin and family. The intention is to go down Cuthberts with Dave’s nephew John Irwin to unveil the plaque in Cerberus Hall. We are hoping to take a few pints of lager and some lime juice as Dave was known occasionally to drink a half. We are then going to pour the remains of Dave’s ashes into the streamway, either at the Dinning Room or even perhaps at Gour Hall. We then exit the cave circa 1300 for drinks and nibbles at the Belfry, until about 1630.  All of the BEC are welcome.

Caving Books and Art Auction 

At about 1630 we go to the Village Hall for the auction and pre-priced book sell. The auction is starting at 1700 prompt followed by an auction of prints that also belonged to Dave. After this, the book stalls will be opened for people to buy the remainder of Dave’s books ~ 300 , that are priced in £1, £3, £5 and £10, these are going to be sold at various tables around the hall. Read more for auction details.

An Evening of Celebration 

Once this has been completed, there is a bar starting at around 1730 with free food, - bangers and mash and peas. This is to be followed by live music from Cheddar Blues Band, bar closes at around 2330. 

Free entry!!

Once again, it is with great remorse that we hear of another pillar of the BEC passing on before his time.

This morning I have been informed of the death of Dave "Wig" Irwin who was known to a great many of us.

Mack called around at Wig's house this morning and couldn’t get any answer from him. On gaining access to his house he was found passed away in his chair.

Those of you who where up at Zot and Mike’s party, in the back room of the Hunters last weekend, will have seen Wig in fine form until late into the evening. Indeed I had a long conversation with him on Sunday morning where he was on fine form as usual.

There’s no more information at the moment but in due course I expect the details to filter through.  

Rest in Peace my friend.

Cheddar Caves Crag AttaK will take place at High Rock in the Gorge on Sunday 01 July, and climbers are invited to enrol for the following events:

  • The record-breaking largest-ever first ascent of a new climb
  • An open speed climb
  • An ‘unclimbable climb’ challenge
  • The weirdest and wackiest ascent ever (fancy dress and fancy behaviour!)
  • A fit volunteer is needed for a record-breaking continuous climb challenge (possibly 36 hours).
  • Want to join the Dachstein 2006 Expedition?

    A number of BEC members are joining the annual exodus to Dachstein. 

    If you've nothing better to do and relish the thought of being stuck on a hill with MadPhil and Joel C for a month then you'd better start packing.

    Look at for more details

    CHECC 2006 - The aftermath

     We said it would be a large one. We weren't wrong. Check out the photo gallery for the evidence. Not quite a regular night at the Belfry.