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Work has started on the new entrance to Wigmore in an attempt to get down to the Young Bloods extension.


Note that access is still being negotatiated and the concrete tubing will require some preperation work before gaining serious depth. Please refain from visting the site until this has been resolved.

********  Another ~50m  was added last weekend!!! ********

On Sunday 7th October 2007 Chris Jewell pushed an airbell in one of the downstream sumps to find a significant inlet.

While being supported by Rich Smith and Barry Lawton, he pushed an estimated 150m!

For more details click the read more button (updated Friday 12 October)

Welcome to the BEC website. There is a stack of stuff in here for both our members, our guests and the plain curious.

The site is best viewed with FireFox or Chome as it gets around all the problems that the aging Internet Explorer has.  

 This site is for you and has been developed to allow our registered members to submit there own news directly to the site. Got an article which you want to publish? Been on a good trip recently? Had a good session somewhere? Has your dig gone? Get writing...

Over the coming weeks it is hoped to add more content in here.

Ever wondered what we wear underground?

Climbers have flashy gear which has high street cred. What about cavers? What do we wear when we venture into the Great Indoors?

Checkout out our new strippable model here to see exactly what’s under those outer layers. Navigate to it from the Caving menu item.

This section has been provided courtesy of Mathias Willerup from the excellent Thanks Mathias!

On Sunday 10th May six BEC took part in a sponsored walk from Priddy Green to the Glastonbury Festival site in Pilton for the charity WaterAid.  We were originally informed that the walk would be 10.75 miles but when we registered at 10am on Sunday morning it turned out the walk had grown to 12 miles.  Thankfully the weather was wonderful and the company just as perfect.  Walking went well and we stopped for a brief lunch bite in Wells before marching on to the finish.  Even with getting lost between North Wootton and Pilton we managed the walk in 5 hours. 
As it currently stands the BEC team have raised £215 plus £60.64 of gift aid for the charity WaterAid.  For a gift of just £15 WaterAid can provide one person in Africa or Asia with a lasting supply of safe, clean water, sanitation and hygiene education.  That means that we have helped a lot of people who are are not as fortunate as we are.  Many thanks to everyone who sponsored us!  Your donations kept us going!
The team photo was taken on the Monarch Way looking towards Wells.  We had press pictures taken of us at the beginning and end so fingers crossed you might see us in the paper! We were the only people carrying a large flag!
Once again many thanks to everyone who supported us,
Hannah Bell