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Saturday 11th August 2007

Once again the BEC brings you an event not to be missed. 

Plans are now well advanced for the Belfry BBQ. A team a crack charcoal enthusiasts have hatched a plan to ensure maximum pleasure during the evening.

The meat grinder has been working overtime producing wares for the coals and several barrels of beer and cider have been arranged. 

Additional power has been laid on, a high octane sound system borrowed and the tunes are lining up for a good rinsin.

We don’t need to stake our claim to being The Hut on Mendip. More fun than all those other club socials and better than a poke in the eye. Get yourself down there to party to excess!

Mega 65th Birthday Party - 21st July


On the 21st July, Pete Franklin, Mike Wilson, Zot, Snab and Phil Romford are having a 65 year olds party at the Belfy. All members are welcome, plus anybody else that knows any of us.


The marquee will be erected for the barrels; there will be 4 or 5 put on. The barbecue will be fired up.


Kicking off at about 7 pm. Then it lasts as long as it lasts.


Dodgy Bolts on Mendip??

Following the revelation that Rhino Rift has been closed due to duff P hangers we've now had another update:

Given the problems being identified with some P-hanger bolts in Mendip caves, the advice from BCA & CSCC is currently to not use the bolts in:
Rhino Rift (currently closed by CCC Ltd.) Hunter's Hole Priddy Green Sink to Swildons Cowsh Avens (I believe the lock on this has also been changed) G.B. Ladder Dig (the cave is still open up to this point) The bolts in Split Rock Quarry.

 Oh...and remember if it's dark down there, don't forget to take a light...


Cheddar Caves Crag AttaK will take place at High Rock in the Gorge on Sunday 01 July, and climbers are invited to enrol for the following events:

  • The record-breaking largest-ever first ascent of a new climb
  • An open speed climb
  • An ‘unclimbable climb’ challenge
  • The weirdest and wackiest ascent ever (fancy dress and fancy behaviour!)
  • A fit volunteer is needed for a record-breaking continuous climb challenge (possibly 36 hours).
  • Announcing the BEC Summer ot Excess

    As the Winter is quickly becoming a distant memory we turn our attention to the Summer ahead. The BEC is pleased to announce the Summer of Excess (courtesy of Chris Jewel).

    A whole stack of  'club' weekends through the summer (including the upcoming Forest of Dean trip, Cricket match and the BBQ).  The concept is that we take a sound system and BBQ with us where ever we go and have some proper 'club' weekends away mixed with good Mendip weekends at the Belfry.

    Support your Club and make a note of the dates below... 


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