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Applications for membership were accepted from Anthony Jarratt, Trevor Hughes and William Collis. It was agreed to continue the removal of utensils from the Belfry.  Work on the bunkroom is to go ahead, and it was hoped that it would be in a reasonable state before the International Speleological Conference.  It is planned to fit out the bunks gradually with police type mattresses.  These are very expensive but are almost indestructible.  There is to be some modification to the shower arrangements, but the matter of the central heating is now at a standstill, since no scheme within the financial capability of the club had so far been proposed.  Since the meeting, Barrie has managed to find a source of cheap paper for the B.B., which has finally overcome the problem we have had this year of having to buy paper at full retail prices.  Graham reported that all the new ladders which were planned had now been made and that Mike Palmer had supplied us with 'C' links.  It was agreed that the fee for anyone using the Belfry for protracted periods of time will be £8.00 per week.  The committee were to point out to the local council that the signpost to Priddy Pool was incorrect - and suggest that they refer to the O. S. map for the location of Priddy Pool.