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It is to be hoped that we are now over our BB production troubles and it will be possible to produce a regular secretarial feature carrying current information.  News on the membership front includes: -

The return of Bob Cross (680) both to renewal of membership and to Mendip Area.  His address is, once again, 42 Bayham Road, Knowle, Bristol BS4 2DR.  Then there is the Palmers - Mike moved his address some time ago and each time I remembered that I’d not published it, it was too late for inclusion anyway, you can find him at Laurel Farm Yarley Hill, Yarley, Wells - tele Wells 74693.

New Members - Some of these new members now seem like old members so I might have included their names and addresses previously.  If I have, here they are again and if not -then my apologies for the delay.

912 J.E.K. Turner           Orchard Cottage, 92 Church Lane, Backwell, Avon BS19 3JW
913 K.S. Baker 36 Northumberland Road, Redland, Bristol BS6 7BD.
914 B.J. Workman         Moreland, 11 Bath New Road, Radstock, Avon.
915 C.M. Smart             15 Timor Close, Popley Islands, Basingstoke.
916 J. Wilson    6 Sparrow Farm Road, Stoneleigh, Epsom, Surrey KT17 2JL.
917 B. Hervin     75A Murhill, Limpley Stoke, Nr Bath.
918 R.H. Round             131 Middleton Road, Banbury, Oxon.
919 T.L. Temple             2 Larch Close, Lee-on-Solent, Hants.
920 N. Holstead             75A Murhill, Limpley Stoke, Nr Bath
921 P. Rose      2 The Beacon Ilminster. (tel 2612).

The AGM will be upon us in a few months and I would like to take this opportunity to remind all members (just in case the BB should drift again) that nominations for candidates for the committee are needed to be received by at least the end of August. The club constitution rules that unless they specify otherwise, the present committee members are automatically nominated.       The Club held no election last year, the vacancies in the committee being filled by the only nominations received by the closing date.  It is time we had an election.

I have not yet canvassed the committee to see if all are willing to seek re-election but it is hoped that I shall be able to broadcast this news soon.  I after much consideration I decided that I will seek re-election and it has presented me with something of a dilemma.  Some time ago Mike Palmer devised and introduced a system where the newly elected committee held their own ‘mini election’ to allocate posts.  This system must be adhered to until or unless the A.G.M. allows any departure from it - hence my dilemma – for with my decision to seek re-election goes the decision that I wish no other post than that of Secretary (Barrie I think feels the same about the Treasurer's job) and there are several posts on the committee for which I would have no competence e.g., Hut Warden.  This statement, were it followed by my election, would imply that the club membership was satisfied with my performance of the task and would therefore over-ride the 'mini election' - perhaps the AGM should consider this and comments in the BB would be welcomed.  Incidentally, if anyone else is interested in the Secretary post, it at present includes the Minute Secretary duties and Membership Secretary in addition to General Club Correspondence.

I see that I’ve now left an embarrassingly small space for our Editor to fill so I’ll save him the trouble.

Pete and Joyce Franklin are busy on a Magnum Opus for Dinner Entertainment.  Any budding thespians wishing to audition for parts should ring Bristol 683084.

Chris Batstone is fed up with washing up hence the removal of most of the general utensils about the Belfry.  Kettle, Teapot, Mugs will remain and he will try to keep one of everything else available.

Hut Fees are rising and from August 1st the rate will be 30p Members 45p for Guests. Trip leaders are requested to see that Shower fees are collected.