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Matters Arising

The minutes of the last A.G.M. will be found (as threatened in the last B.B.) in this issue.  Apart from the almost inevitable discussion on the subject of tackle, one imagines that comments might well centre on the various changes - actual and proposed - to the Belfry.

Readers will note that this subject has not escaped the hawk-like eye of the Belfry Birds who write 'Fifth Column' and who imply that, whereas our committee (quite properly) has obtained various quotations for the installation of central heating and found the prices to be too high, the Shepton are about to install central heating in their hut.  Much the same sort of argument could be brought to bear about other schemes involving improvements to the Belfry.

At the risk of sticking out the editorial neck, it would appear that what we lack is the amount of effort which some other clubs seem to be able to coax out of their members.  In these days of high labour rates, being able to do ones own work and merely having to buy the materials makes all the difference between a project being 'on' or 'off'.  It is not intended to offer any comment on why the B.E.C. find it difficult to persuade members to lend a hand, but it is, we suggest, a fact which (sadly perhaps) we will have take into account in future plans.

Dinner '77

As many members are only too aware, the last dinner left much to be desired on a number of fronts. We are now booked up once again with the 'cliff' and we would like to make a plea to members to 'give it another try'.  In years past, we have had good dinners there, and we hope we have thrashed out most of the points about service, wine, beer and other things dear to the heart of the typical B.E.C. dinner goer.  We asked you what you wanted, and have done our best to comply.  We hope you will support your dinner!