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Friday Night Club

Richard Kenney sends us the current list of meets for the Friday Night club and asks if any further volunteers for leading Cuthbert’s trips would come forward.  Dates from June onward are as follows:-

June 10th                      Stoke Lane.

June 24th                      Burrington Meet (West Twin)

July 9th                         Wales.

July 22nd                      Box Stone Mines.

August 5th                    Eastwater.

August 19th                   Lamb Leer.

September 2nd              Coral Cave.

September 16th             Manor Farm.

September 30th             G.B.

October 14th                 Hunters and Thrupe.

October 28th                Swildons.

November 12th               Wales.

November 25th               Cuthbert’s.

December 9th                Longwood.

Paul Hadfield is organising regular trips to Yorkshire and would be pleased to hear from anyone interested.  All meets are at 7.30 p.m. except those to Wales.  Further details from Richard Kenney, 'Yennek', St. Mary's Road, Meare, Glastonbury, Somerset. BA6 9SS.  Telephone Meare Heath 296.

Assistant Hut Warden

Since Bob Cross has departed again for 'furrin parts' up north, the Committee would like to appeal to any member who feels that he or she could help out as Assistant Hut Warden. Please get in touch with Mike Wheadon or Chris Batstone"

Important Notice - Membership

Don't forget that if, for any reason, you have not yet paid your annual sub for 1977, you will not have been included in the list of members sent to the insurance company. The only way by which you can become either a club member or insured is now to GET A MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM FROM MIKE WHEADON AND FILL IT IN TO RE-APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP OF THE CLUB. This, as you know, is not a nasty move on the part of the committee.  It has been made a condition of our insurance, and we are bound to treat it seriously because otherwise we might well be invalidating our policy.

Committee Notes

Jottings from some of the more recent Committee Meetings

Graham Wilton-Jones reports that Cave Notes 1975/6/7 are about to be issued.  The sections of the Cuthbert’s Report on Cerberus Series, Maypole Series and September Series are practically ready for publication.  Roger Stenner has offered the use of an offset printer for the publications, and supplies of paper are being sought at a reasonable price.  The Tynings Barrow Swallet publication is to be completed in conjunction with the Grampian Cave Club.

At present, it is not considered to be practicable to carry out the central heating proposals, although there is no question as to its feasibility.  The snag is that the best estimates to date lie outside our financial capability.  A 'near miss' occurred when Alfie located a complete central heating system which was being taken out of a small block of flats, but unfortunately it was all thrown on a scrap heap before the club could lay their hands on it.  The chairman has, all through the discussions on this subject, reminded the committee that they have got to answer to the next A.G.M. on the subject.

The Dinner is now definitely confirmed.  We are going back after a lapse of many years to the Cliff at Cheddar.  Older members will no doubt recal1 that this was the setting for the Song Competition and also for the highly successful mannequin parade - also for the flame throwing act put on by the Bradford Pothole Club.

Plans to modify the central core of the Belfry are to be put to the club members, and the committee have given John Dukes the go-ahead to clean up the bunk room.

The Hut Warden says that the experiment to remove the utensils from the Belfry Kitchen has been a success to date.

The Belfry will be used for accommodation as part of the International Congress of Spelaeology during the first week in September.