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To the Editor, Belfry Bulletin.

I should like it known that the survey of Heale Farm Cave, which appeared in your most recent B.B. is a second rate copy of my material, copied without my knowledge by someone only tenuously concerned with its making.

D.A. Walker

Editor's Note:

On behalf of the B. B. we apologise to Mr. Walker and to Durham University Spelaeos.  As it currently says, at the beginning of the B.B., it is not possible for submitted material to be checked for accuracy of content or other features which might preclude publication other than those which may obviously come to the notice of the editor.  Whenever there appears to be any reasonably doubt, the editor tries to resolve this, but must otherwise depend on the person submitting the material and take it in good faith.  We are sure that our readers will be pleased to know where they can obtain the original information on this cave, and thank Mr. Walker for his letter.


The next letter is unsigned, but as it contains much good sense, it seems reasonable to publish it.

To the Editor, Belfry Bulletin.


In recent months, Mendip has become increasingly popular among walkers.  One has only to travel between Priddy and Burrington to see a marked increase in the numbers of walkers and ramblers using an already overcrowded hill.

With summer just round the corner, the Mendip farmers are facing an increasing battle to keep their properties from damage by careless visitors and no farmer is going to be pleased to see his dry stonewalls broken or his fences pulled down.  Trampled crops; litter; broken bottles and gates left open are just some of the problems a Mendip farmer has to face annually. Who ultimately gets the blame? "It's they cavers!"

I dare say that cavers are responsible sometimes, for we are none of us saints, but I am sure that a majority of blame rests with the casual visitors many of wham do not realise the waste of time and money which has to be put in repairing the damage they do.

Those of you who cave or walk regularly on Mendip should therefore make an effort to keep the goodwill of the farming community by using commonsense and if you see anyone doing damage, shout at them yourself.  It may work, as they will probably think you are the farmer - that is, unless you happen to be dressed in a wetsuit!

Let us show the farming community that not only are we careful ourselves but that we are concerned about damage that might reflect on our good name as cavers and walkers.