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The Festering Column

by “Plagiarist”

Following on in the tradition of 'Wig' and his 'Round and About' notes, one of our local Mendippers has, after much nagging from the production team, taken up his pen with the intention of giving us a regular series of news and in some cases gossip.

1.                  The recent incredible burst of enthusiasm on Mendip has seen the production of two new guide books as well as some major cave extensions

Barrington and Stanton have almost completed their revised edition 'Caves of Mendip" and publication is anticipated in late spring.

Tony Knibbs and 'Wig' will soon be issuing their new book (during March) which is to be titled "Mendip Underground". The book is not intended to either supplant or to be a competitor to Caves of Mendip but will be a more detailed work carrying detailed descriptions of caves which the authors opinion, 'significant'.  The descriptions are excellent and many consultants have been called in to give information on normally inaccessible cave passage (e.g. Swildons 10 to 12). It is rumoured that the information contained is so complete that it will no longer be necessary to actually visit a cave to be able to discuss it authortively - clearly this will be the best thing to hit caving since N.C.A.

2.                  Tynings Swallet has finally yielded some of its secrets to the determined onslaught mounted against it by the Tynings Institute for Troglodyte Studies (a group of select individuals dedicated to muddy digs and abbreviations).  So far the swallet has revealed 3,000 feet of fine passage of the shredded neoprene variety.  Access at present is not too easy and potential sightseers/explorers should contact Martin Bishop or Snab.

3.                  Fault Chamber (Swildons) has produced a further 250 feet of passage found by the Portsmouth Poly Brigade – these students get everywhere don’t they.  Jubilee Turn (Swildons still) just after sump 4 is proving interesting and chemical hammering should eventually result in a breakthrough.

4.                  Iran ’77 expedition has now 19 fully (?) committed members and up to the present has received over £1,000 in grants and donations.  There are prospects that a farewell barrel and drinking contest before the ‘off’ on August 1st.

5.                  The note for this session - Don't be put off by the recent collapse in the barrows. Entry has not been prevented.