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Proposed Alterations To 'The Belfry

The Committee would like suggestions on the next stage of alterations to the Belfry.  The central core of the hut is not being utilised fully, and the plan below is a possibility, which would not entail a large capital outlay, but would satisfy some of the criticisms that we have had from members.  If you have any suggestions could you let the Hut Engineer have them at the very latest by May 6th.

Main Changing Room

1.                  Move the library into the main room in strong lockers.  The library at the moment is no longer large enough to hold everything.

2.                  Block existing door from library into main room.

3.                  Build low wall as shown, install two shower heads and tile throughout.

4.                  Remove part of wall between library and existing changing room, as shown.  Install 2 metre concrete lintel.

5.                  Build wall between existing changing room and existing shower unit.

Unliberated Persons Changing Room

6.                  Remove wall at the back of individual shower unit.

7.                  Build low wall as shown, install two shower heads and tile throughout.

We have already purchased the tiles that would be required and the only outlay would be for 8 stop-cocks for showers. (The existing mixer valves would have to be replaced in the near future as they are fast becoming un-repairable) plus a small amount of sand and cement. 

To ventilate both changing rooms we have at the moment a 12” extract fan and with a small amount of ducting this could be put into operation.