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Fifth Column – A Birds’ Eye View of Mendip

January, so the rhyme says, brings rain and snow.  It also brings in the bills to prove that a ten day Christmas holiday is quite expensive - to say the least.  This, of course, could be the cause of the slightly thinner crowds at the Hunters.

To brighten January, though, there has been at least one high spot - apart from the Jagos' party. This was on the 20th when, at approximately 5.30 pm, a coach load of Temperance League members (which included fifteen B.EC. representatives) attended a tour of the Badger brewery at Blandford in Dorset  All went well, even though the driver did manage to get lost in the grounds of the brewery - causing some faithless members of the party to become rather panicky when it appeared at one stage that we would not be able to find the proper entrance and to mutter that the landlord wasn't able to organise the proverbial in a brewery.     Anyway, at 1.45 the next morning, a weary and not too sober party arrived back at the Hunters, after having had an excellent evening and also starting what we hope will turn into an annual event (Hint!)

On to more sober matters. Congratulations to Roy and Roe Marshall on the birth of their son, Andrew Jonathan.  Commiserations to Jenny Sandercott on having her office in Park Street, Bristol blown up - or was it down? - by what will probably turn out to be natural gas.

Come to think of it, this hazard has been on Mendip for some time, especially after a Saturday night barrel! Talking of barrels, Phil Kingston and Yo were back from New Zealand recently and made their visit even more welcome by aiding celebrations with a barrel.  Wig has been seen at the Hunters on several recent occasions, proving that all rumours regarding his disappearance for a meeting of the CNCC; DCA; CSCC: NCA (or, was it the CCC?) were groundless.

Carol and Alan Sandall have also paid their bi-annual visit to Mendip.  Perhaps they may decide, after reminding themselves of the delights of a Saturday night at the Hunters, to come more often.  Dare we suggest once a year?

No wonder that plans are afoot to improve the Belfry again, when our 'hard man' Bob Cross admits to enjoying himself at a Welsh hotel on his recent visit to North Wales.  It is believed that Martin Bishop is again fully mended and working well.  Let us hope that this will be permanent, as surely there is nothing left for him to break! Tony Corrigan has had his operation at last, and we wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him in circulation again soon.

Special Notice

Owing to continuing trouble with the printing machine, this B. B. is to be printed commercially, from our paper plates and, as a result, will be out BEFORE the January B.B. Don't think you have been missed out for January.  We will get this out as soon as the machine is working.  Since it was half printed, it could not be taken on by the commercial printers.

Stop Press!

Tynings Barrow Swallet has gone!  Full details of this new Mendip cave (we hope) in the B.B for March, which will appear (we hope) actually IN March!