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In spite of the remarks made in the January editorial, it is now February 14th as I write this, and the B.B. for January is still not printed.  In fact it has now been agreed to issue the January and February numbers together.

This is, admittedly, a setback. It could be said - and no doubt will be said by some - that the B.B. is still just as bad as it was prior to the formation of a team to run it. The snag at present is in the printing. The actual machine is basically reliable and has run for several years without trouble.  The reason why it is taking so long to cure its present troubles is that it is not possible to obtain expert advice, and we are having to learn the hard way, The one great advantage of this is that when we have learned, we will at least know how to avoid these troubles in the future.

In other respects, the team IS working.  The proportion of the B.B. now typed by other hands is now over 50% and the rest of the organisation is working.  Even if it takes us much longer than was originally thought to get the new B.B. running smoothly I am convinced that the team idea is the only real long term solution. Apart from our restoring the regularity of the B.B.

I hope that, as a demonstration during this year, it will prove practical to produce a B.B. entirely by the efforts of the other members of the team. This will show that it is possible for any one member to be unavailable without affecting the B.B.


Dave Irwin, secretary of the Southern Council, writes on this topic in this B.B.  His suggestions are broadly in line with the findings of the Working Party.  The C.S.C.C. Working Party have met and have recommendations to put to the Southern Council at their next meeting.  We then have the Special meeting of N.C.A. at which, it must be hoped, and some positive decision will be taken.


Again, this month there are some amendments to the Membership List and we welcome some new members together with the return of a few ‘older’ ones: -

New Members :

907 Jones, K.G.             65 MacDonald Road, Lightwater, Surrey.
908 Lord, P.        Greengates School, Apparto Postal 41-659, Mexico 10, DF.
909 Fielding, H 19 Queens Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle on Tyne.
910 Halliday, S 6A Collingwood Road, Redland, Bristol 6
911 Smart, J.A.             c/o 72 Winchester Road, Brislington, Bristol.

Oldies ~

232 Falshaw, C.P          23 Hallam Grange Crescent, Sheffield, S10 4BA.
731 Bidmead, R:F          63 Cassell Road, Fishponds, Bristol.
581 Harvey, C.F             Byways, Hanham Lane, Paulton.

C of A' s

585 Corrigan, A   139 Stockwood Lane, Stockwood, Bristol.
449 Dell, G.T     A 15 Printing, HQNI, B.F.P.Oo 825
830 Dukes, J     6 Butcombe Court, Wrington, Bristol
322L Ellis, B.M    30 Main Road, Weston Zoyland, Bridgwater. TA7 OEB.
894 Ford, P.H.   34 New Street, Deiniolen, Gwynedd.
363 lIes, M.W.   50 Warman Close, Stockwood, Bristol.
550L MacGregor, A.         12 Douro Close, Baughurst, Basingstoke, RG26 5PG
852 Noble, J.G.   18 Hope Place, Tennis Court Road, Paulton BS18 5LT
365L Stenner, R   18 Stafford Place, Weston Super Mare
635L Tuttlebury, S.A  29 Beacon Close, Roundstone, Farnham, Surrey.