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Once again, it is Christmas time.  On behalf of the B.B. team (now much enlarged!) your editor would like to wish all club members; all readers of the B. B. and all cavers everywhere a very happy Christmas.

No Medals For '76

With an almost record low level of publication for the B.B. this year, it has been decided to finish as we have unfortunately gone on, and not to make this issue of the B.B. the traditionally large one which has come to be the usual form for Christmas. Thus, we have the 'normal' page B.B. Instead, effort is going into the January B.B. so that we can hopefully get 1977 off to a good start and go on from there.  If all goes well, we hope that it will be a very different tale by Christmas next year.


With 'only' a normal page B.B., the editor apologises to readers for the relatively large space taken up by his own annual contribution - another of the allegedly humorous tales of Pete Pushem and Co.  This was written some time ago when it was hoped that the B B. would be large enough to 'lose ' it in.  Sorry.

Goodbye To A5

As explained last month, once again we are about to change the size of the B.B. - by almost the unanimous choice of those present - to twice the present page size.  As hinted last month, I found myself in a minority over this choice, but have no reason to grumble, since the meeting made it clear that, should I feel strongly enough, about the format, it would remain as it is now.  The new arrangement has some advantages over this size, and some disadvantages.  One of these is that, even if we manage to increase the ‘normal’ recent size of the B.B. from 20 pages like this, it will still look thinner.  However, we hope we shall be improving the general appearance of the B.B. next year to be more in line with what the club might hope for.  Time will, of course, tell.

The N.C.A. and All That

For some time now, the B.B. has carried no real news on the subject of N.C.A. and its possible reorganisation.  The reason, as you may remember, was that while the Working Party on the structure of N.C.A. was conducting its research, it was thought best not to try to influence matters in any way.  This Working Party has now finished its work, and will be presenting its findings to the Annual Meeting of N.C.A. on the 4th of December.  The Southern Council is going to ask for the report to lay 'on the table' until a special meeting - to be held in the spring of next year - can have time to consider it and act accordingly.  One hopes that, both at the Annual Meeting and the Special meeting (if agreed to) commonsense will prevail.