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Members of the B.E.C. still meet in Bristol!  The meeting place has been recently changed BACK to the Seven Stars (behind the Robinson building by Bristol Bridge).  Although only about half a dozen 'regulars' are to be found there on a Thursday evening, they would like other club members to know that anyone who happens to be in Bristol on a Thursday is always very welcome to drop into the Seven Stars and buy them a pint!


Members will find a questionnaire on the Club Dinner sent to them with this B.B.  It explains itself, but the committee would like as many people as possible to get their completed questionnaires back into the hands of any committee member BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  This will give the committee a chance to sift through them and pick out the points which members would like to see put into effect BEFORE the January meeting of the committee, at which the results will be discussed.


Anyone who has any access to supplies of A4 size paper suitable for printing the B.B. on, and at less cost than standard prices would be doing the club a great service if he or she could let Barrie or Alfie know about how much they can produce and at what price.


There will be a working weekend on December 18/19 (the weekend before Christmas) this year. Anyone who can lend a hand should turn up and preferably contact John can plan what can be done.