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From the Caving Log

extracted by Any Sparrow

23.5.76. Agen Allwedd.

Tim Large, John Dukes, Bucket Tilbury, Graham Wilton-Jones with Ken Gregory, Graham Price and three other Cerberus members.

Grand Circle, anticlockwise. The third and fourth boulder chokes do not seem particularly unstable and the Biza connection appears to be in little danger of collapsing.  Water conditions were low.  Biza Passage appears to be quite complex by Aggie standards.  Southern Stream gets longer every time you do it, I swear. Three of us had a. look at the Cliffs of Dover and. then got out only ten minutes behind the others.  6¾ hours. G. W-J.

2.6.76. A Sea Cave, Bosheston, Pembrokeshire.

Ian and I had a look at the area round St. Goran's Chapel (SR 167929) a couple of years ago at high tide. Today, at low tide, I managed to walk further round the cliffs to the left.  At 9665 9285 interesting cave with large entrance leading to squeeze, then further chamber.  Unfortunately, I was without a light, so, if the army ever moves out of the area, something must go.  Meanwhile we'll have to stick to a rubber boat.          G. W-J.

4.6.76. Cave Sites, Penderyn.

South East of A 4059, near 952 114.  Several collapses through grit into Limestone shales and upper limestone.  Someone is looking at these, and so did I.     G. W -J.


The new insurance arrangements will mean that an annual list of members will be sent to the insurers. This will mean PROMP PAYMENT in future! Just an advance warning!