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At the A.G.M., the club decided to follow up the suggestion I made and to form a team to produce the B.B. in the future.  Between now and the end of the year, this team will be getting itself set up and will become increasingly involved with producing the B. B. until the January B.B. becomes the first one to be fully produced by teamwork.

Before introducing the members of the team and their jobs one point should be made perfectly clear from the outset.  The idea of forming a team is not to give the present editor a whole lot of assistants. When the team becomes fully set up, the editor will be just one member of it and the team will decide such matters as any change of format or cover etc.  This, then, is where I step down from being a one-man-band (and not before time, I can almost hear you saying!)

Starting with the bloke in the front line - doing one of the most important jobs in the whole team, is ANDY SPARROW whose job it now is to collect enough articles, letters and other contributions from members to keep the B.B. going.  He will try to accumulate a reserve stock, so that if he has to be away for any reason, there is always enough to print the next B.B. Andy will be relying on all members to produce stuff for him and because this job is so important, it might pay to have a closer look at the nuts and bolts of it.

A 20 page sized B.B. needs about 15 pages of its pages to be filled by members.  This is about half a page EVERY DAY, and about 225 words.  It sounds (and is!) quite a job to persuade members to keep this up, but it has been done in the past by a handful of regular writers.  An interesting thought is that on average we get about a new member every fortnight, or 26 a year so if each member wrote a total of 7 pages for the B.B. during the entire course of his or her membership, this would be enough to keep the B.B. going for ever.  If you look at it this way, it is not an awful lot to ask for.  Ask yourself how you are measuring up to this standard. Have you produced your seven pages yet? Have a word with Andy and work something out.

The next member of the team is BARRIE WILTON who has agreed to look after all the supplies, ranging from paper to small items like non-reproducing pencils.  He will, of course, keep his Treasurer's eye on expenditure.

With supplies of articles and stationery arranged by Andy and Barrie, the actual preparation of the masters will be shared by ALFIE and MIKE WHEADON, who will, between them, be able to cover each other in case of holidays, sickness or absence.

Printing will be done by ALAN KENNETT, assisted where necessary by TONY CORRIGAN with ALFIE as a further back stop.  Collating and folding will still be done by MIKE and PAT PALMER and the postal side will still be done by BRENDA WILTON.

Thus, no less than nine members will shortly be running the B.B. between them.  If this arrangement can be work and stay that way, we should have the B.B. on solid footing for the future.

Whither The Club Dinner?

Perhaps more than the usual crop of grumbles will emerge from this year’s dinner.  Again, perhaps not. To date, the committee have received two letters - one complaining about the food, the service and the general standard of dress and manners and the other saying what a fine dinner it was and how much the writer had enjoyed it.

The committee are very well aware of the fact that the sheer size of the B.E.C. dinner is making any real choice of venue and caterer almost impossible.  In spite of the greatest number of enquiries ever made, ranging over a wide area, months went by without a single taker and the actual venue was only found at a late stage after a long and fruitless search for somewhere - anywhere - to hold it.

In comparison with some other clubs, whose dinners have been decreasing in numbers of late, the B.E.C. dinner has been expanding, and the club committee have naturally been loath to consider any major changes to what has seemed to be a winning formula.  However, the time might have come for changes to be looked into, and the committee have given themselves a month to canvass opinion as much as possible to see what, if any, changes club members might like to see put into effect.

To date, two suggestions have surfaced.  One suggests that hot soup could well be followed by a COLD main course with perhaps baked potatoes and a cold sweet.  Plates could be prepared while the pre-dinner drinks were going on, thus saving time in serving.  A place like the newly enlarged Priddy Village Hall is quite capable of seating the B.E.C. under these circumstances.

The other suggestion is that the dinner should cater for fewer people and be held in some place where 'plush' surroundings, good food and good service could be relied upon. It would, of course, be expensive, but this itself might help to limit the numbers.

Any other suggestions are, of course, very welcome and members are urged to contact the committee. The next meeting of the committee is on Friday, 12th of November as the first Friday is Guy Fawkes Day.  The success or failure of next years dinner could well depend on what is decided then, so make sure that your voice is heard!



Please note that members are obliged to collect 5p per head from non-members using club tackle. Leaders of parties should remember to collect any tackle fees.

An experiment in removing most of the cutlery and the crockery from the Belfry will be taking place soon in an effort to solve the washing-up problem.  Further details will be published soon.  This is a preliminary warning!

Owing to the higher cost of insurance, the committee have decided that the subscription for 1977 will have to be raised to £3.00 and the Joint member’s rate to £4.25.  The committee felt that it was better to make a relatively small increase to the sub to combat inflation as they occurred, rather than to wait until a large increase became necessary.  It is interesting to note that today’s £3.00 is worth approximately 6/- in pre-war terms, and the sub in those days was 10/-, so we are still on the winning side if that is any consolation in these hard times!

A scheme for paying annual subscriptions by BANKER’S ORDER will shortly be announced.  This will enable club members to forget about having to renew their sub.  The treasurer asks that any members wishing to pay this way please WAIT for instructions and NOT make their own arrangements with their bank.  Otherwise, he may not know who has paid by this method.

Members who were not at the A.G.M. may like to know that the new insurance arrangements, although more expensive than the old ones, GIVE LESS COVER FOR MEMBERS.  This will be spelt out separately, possibly in this B.B. If YOU are uncertain as to whether you are covered to the extent you would wish, BOB WHITE, our insurance broker, will be happy to advise you.  His address is R. White and Co, Insurance Brokers, 14 Broad Street, Wells, Somerset, BA5 2DN and his phone number is Wells 75077.  It is essential that Cuthbert’s Leaders arrange adequate cover, and they will be contacted by the Caving Secretary.

The Hut Warden wants volunteers to help on working weekends at the Belfry.  Please get in touch with Chris Batstone

Owing to the troubles which have hit the B.B. recently, we realise that some articles are now a bit behindhand in time but this one is still just as readable.