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All contributions to the Belfry Bulletin, including those from officers of the club do not necessarily represent the views of the committee of the Bristol Exploration Club or the editor, unless specifically stated as being such.

Committee Members and Officers of the Club for 1976/77

A total of 7 members from last year¬ís committee expressed their willingness to stand again. Only one nomination was received by the Hon. Secretary prior to the A.G.M. bringing the total to eight.  As a result, there was no election, and the 1976/77 committee is thus, at present: -

Chris Batstone, Paul. Christie, Alfie Collins, John Dukes Tim Large, Mike Wheadon, Barrie Wilton & Graham Wilton-Jones.

Graham Wilton-Jones was not able to attend the October committee meeting.  It is hoped that he will continue as Tacklemaster. Assuming this, Club Officers are at present as follows: -

Committee Chairman and Editor, B.B.       Alfie Collins

Hon. Secretary.                                       Mike Wheadon

Hon. Treasurer.                                        Barrie Wilton

Caving Secretary.                                     Tim Large

Hut Warden.                                            Chris Batstone

Tacklemaster.                                          Graham W - J.

Belfry Engineer.                                       John Dukes.

The committee are formally advertising for a CLIMBING SECRETARY.  He is required by the club constitution to be a committee member, and any suitable volunteer will therefore be co-opted to the committee.

The committee are also looking for ASSISTANTS to the HUT WARDEN and to the BELFRY ENGINEER. Please contact any member of the committee if you think you can help, or come to the next committee meeting on Friday, November 12th.

ANGIE DOOLEY has resigned from being MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY and this is now being dealt with by MIKE WHEADON, who should be contacted for any matters which Angie used to deal with.