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This B.B. was never issued as the printing machine broke down.

The committee acted promptly and agreed to finance a service for the machine.  This proved to be impractical owing to its age, so Tony Corrigan volunteered to print the June B.B. on his own machine before he got married and disappeared on his honeymoon.

Unfortunately, Tony's machine works well enough with the metal plates he uses but not with the paper plates used by the B.B. for cheapness.  We finished up with a half printed B.B. and a wrecked master.  The fault on the B.B. machine was still there, even after some of the suspect parts had been dismantled.

So the machine had to come even further apart, and some special tools had to be designed and made to do this.  Dave Irwin offered the Gestetner for the July B.B., but there were no skins available and it was anybody’s guess as to whether it would be quicker to do this and clean up the typewriter afterwards, or to press on with getting the B.B. machine back in working order.  The last course was chosen, and at the time of writing this, the machine looks as if it will work.  It was been decided to get the July B.B. out first - because it was vital to let members know about the dinner etc. and to put this B.B. out when possible.

In the days of these B.B.’s, everything had to be type out onto stencils (masters) which were then used to do the printing.  But as these had been wrecked, the editor of the day never had the time to re-type the June B.B.