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Some items of news from the Sec.

Although the committee has been progressing the event since last October, the time is rapidly approaching when we must come to a decision about this year’s dinner and therefore I feel that we should test the membership response via the columns of the B.B.

Following last year’s dinner came two complaints mainly, objections to the venue and objection as to the menu.  To try to overcome these objections, the club approached many restaurant organisations to get their, response to putting on a reasonable dinner for the 200 or so of us at a reasonable price.  We have had NO offers to date.

In addition to the complaints of venue, there has been a suggestion from some members that we emulate more our roar northerly cousins and include a 'stomp' or disco with dinner. Yet a further suggestion is that we hold a buffet dinner coupled with a dance.  My assessment, after talking to a few members is that none of these would be popular, but your views would be appreciated.

The situation at present is as follows: - We cannot have the next dinner at the Blue School as it is fully booked for October and has now become very expensive.  We have therefore, in the absence of response from any other caterer, asked Arthur Laws to research possible locations for the next dinner and submit menus and costs.  Two possible locations are Glastonbury Town Hall and the new centre at Shepton Mallet.

We are hoping that the next dinner will be up to our normally high standards and will include the traditional entertainment, which was clearly missed last year.  So if you have any thoughts, please let the committee know.

Whether or not we are losing members at a similar rate to our acceptance of newcomers, I cannot say but we have over the past couple of months managed to trap one errant back into the fold and recruited several new bods:

New members are:

Alistair Simpson: 30 Channel Heights, Bleadon Hill, Weston S.M.
David Lampard: Woodpeckers, 11 Springfield Pk Rd, Horsham, Sussex
Steven Woolven: 21 Three Acres, Horsham, Sussex.
Ken Roebuck: c/o P.O.'s Mess, H.M.S. Daedalus, Lee on Solent, Hants.
Nick Thorne: 20 Hawkers Lane, Wells, Somerset.
Peter Shearman: Wood View, Grayfield, High Littleton, Bath.
Jim Andrews: 43 Portway, Wells, Somerset
Graham Nye: 7 Ramsey Close, Horsham, Sussex.
Andrew Higginbottom: Warana, Hill Lea Gardens, Cheddar.

Barrie Wilton would like to advise that this is your last chance to own a B.E.C. car badge at the £1.75 price.  If you don't get your bid in quickly, you’ll have to pay more or the same item in future.

John Dukes's next working weekend is planned for the 8/9 of May, so roll up and help make the Belfry better.

'Sett' is once again organising a weekend for older club members to meet each other.  This year it will be from Friday, 11th June to Sunday 13th June.