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Belfry Jobs

A list sent in by the Belfry Engineer, who hopes that members will take the hint!

If you are not sure what needs doing, after reading this list of jobs, please see either the Hut Warden or the Belfry Engineer.  You will probably need to bring your own tools, and if materials are needed, get them yourself and give us the bill.  If you do not feel like doing any of the jobs yourself, come along to a working weekend with tools (if you have any) and the Hut Warden or Engineer will show you what needs doing - or write in for information.

1.                  Scrub down walls and ceilings to remove grease etc.

2.                  Plaster wall by front door.

3.                  Cold water supply to Women’s Room needs connecting up in the attic.

4.                  Tidy up attic and re-lay insulation (see Hut Warden for key of the attic.)

5.                  Installation of two airbricks or similar ventilating bricks between library and Men’s Room and between library and main room.

6.                  Scrubbing down paintwork on lockers

7.                  Fixing bunks in Women’s Room securely to the walls.

8.                  Levelling floor in main shower room.

9.                  Washing floor in main room.

10.              Building a wall across the car park from the manhole cover by the front door to the drinking pond.  The foundations for this wall are already in position.

11.              Levelling the ground and tidying up outside generally.

12.              A drystone wall needs building at the end of the car park adjacent to the drinking pond to retain hardcore. Use existing half blocks from rubble pile which has been levelled.

Plus, of course, anything else which looks as if it ought to be done - only please check first before you do it in case your ideas clash with any plans the Hut Warden or the Hut Engineer may have.  The committee recently agreed to spend some money on making the Belfry a better place to stay at - but your help is needed so that we can spend our money sensibly and get value for it.