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Decorating The Belfry

The Belfry Engineer would like to hear from any members who can suggest a suitable décor (such as colour schemes and the like) for the redecoration of the Belfry.  If the colour finally chosen are not to you liking, you will only have yourself to blame.  If you don’t know what you would like, tell him what you would NOT like.


Happy Remainder Of The Year!

As explained in the last B.B., difficulties in trying to publish the B.B continue.  Since this is now February 5th, we must wish readers a Happy Eleven Months.

I went to the Annual Meeting of the N.G.A. early in December last and, in spite of rumours which suggested that a rough time might be had by all, I am happy to report that the meeting managed to avoid any form of open conflict.  However, the N.G.A. still has a long way to go before it, can really claim to possess the full confidence of all its constituent members.  In spite of the large amount of paper which it generates (I recently brought back nearly two reams of printed matter and this was just the minutes of that Annual Meeting for distribution by the Southern Council alone) the main failure of N.C.A. to date still seems to be the degree of misunderstanding between its constituent bodies.  Different points of view are bound to exist, but provided they are recognised as being reasonable and constructive and discussed sensibly and without rancour, the N.C.A. still has a chance to become the sort of body it should become.  Perhaps the move to get the executive meetings away from Stafford and into the regions will help.  At any rate, it has bought itself a year’s breathing space.  Let us hope that it uses this wisely.

Theory And Practice

No matter what the club has or has not decided about the frequency of the B.B., it looks as if it is going to come out in practice whenever there is enough material for another issue.  Thus, after a Christmas B.B. that was late by a record amount, this one is for both January and February - not a very good start to 1976 and Volume 30 of B.B.

My plea for help has not yet had time to penetrate, but I shall continue to bang this particular drum because it is vital for the B.E.C. to have a good, lively and regular journal or magazine - preferably edited by some young, keen bloke with plenty of time to spare.  So far, all the hints I have personally dropped have not produced any response. We must hope that behind some caver's rugged; beer-stained exterior there lurks a new editor!

Stop Press

This space being vacant (like the editor's mind) it has proved possible to include two pieces of news about two club members, both of which, I regret to have to say, are bad.

Firstly, it is with extreme regret that we learn of the death of Gordon Tilly.  Until fairly recently, when the deteriorating condition of his spine made it no longer possible - even for him - to get to Mendip, 'Gordie' was regular visitor to the Hill.  In spite of his physic disability, Gordie led a full and active life, and that included caving - something which most, if not all, people in Gordie's state would not even have considered possible.

Al though Gordie’s caving was, of necessity, on a modest scale; in overcoming his difficulties, he showed us that he had the sheer guts which many a 'tiger' might well envy.  His good humour was proverbial and at one time he took an active part in helping to run the club, be on the committee and serving as Hut Warden and as part of the publications team.

We extend our sincere sympathy to his family.  The world will be a poorer place; without Gordie.

We also hear that Tony Corrigan has finally to lose a leg.  We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him about again as soon as possible.