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New Officers

The 1975-6 committee contains few, if any surprises.  None the less, our best wishes to Mike Wheadon for agreeing to continue to be our Hon. Sec., after stepping into this job at a moment's notice during the last club year.

Our best wishes also to Roy Marshall, who has the difficult job of keeping the Climbing Section going and, one presumes, keeping Bob Cross happy at the next A.G.M.  Also, to Chris Batstone who has taken on the equally difficult job of being Hut Warden.  We are sure that club members will wish them every success during the next twelve months.

E.G.M. Ahead?

The new committee have some tough jobs in the pipeline already.  The A.G.M., having thrown out the idea of a waiver to prevent one member suing another via the club's policy - against the findings of the sub-committee set up to investigate these matters and reinforced by experts like Mike T., Tim Reynolds and Bob White - has now left the new committee in a bit of a hole from which it has somehow to emerge in true caving fashion.  As if this were not enough it has also to look into a mechanism whereby school clubs could become affiliated to the B.E.C.

Now, any change to the conditions or classes of club membership which would arise if the committee recommended some sort of scheme along these lines must, by the club constitution, be presented to the club as a whole for voting on, and cannot be put into effect by the committee.  Thus, the first amendment to this resolution discussed at the A.G.M. (luckily defeated) was, as somebody pointed out, unnecessary.  The second amendment (even more luckily defeated) which would have compelled the committee to act was out of order, although nobody pointed this out at the time.  The actual resolution, as passed, compels the club committee to look into the subject as a matter of some urgency!  This hardly squares up with the normal process whereby the committee reports its findings before the next A.G.M. and the club then votes for or against.  One wonders how the committee will avoid that most unpopular of moves - an E.G.M.

Once Written, Twice Try!

As was greatly feared at the time, it turns out that the letter from Mike Wheadon has become the first item ever to have been printed by mistake twice, for which we apologise to all members - and especially to Garth Dell for having wasted some of his paper! There are a number of things which have, for an editor, a nightmare quality about them.  One of these, which has happened before but luckily not to me, is to find a page of the B.B. printed upside down.  This has only happened once, and the letter to the editor which suffered this fate was, in fact, one which I wrote to the editor at that time.  The other one, which has not yet - touch wood - happened, is to find that the wrong page has been printed on the back of another page.  Don't worry!  I expect it will happen some time!

Round and About

Dave (Wig) Irwin tells me that, owing to the amount of work he has to get through, he is going to have to 'taper off' his regular column of up-to-date information and finally stop at the end of the year.  On behalf of the B.B.  A hearty vote of thanks to Wig for his hard work in running the longest running regular feature to have appeared in the B.B.  Are there any aspiring young columnists amongst our members who might be planning a successor to this feature.