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Club Officer’s Reports - B.B. Report

The current volume of the B. B. can hardly be classed amongst the better ones.  It has been late for most of the year, it has missed one issue, it has come out in a variety of covers, or with none at all, and it will probably have less pages than last year.

The main reason for this state of affairs is the attempt which is being made to keep production costs down while at the same time honouring the wishes of the club as expressed at the last A.G.M.  This means that we have to rely on the good offices of members to produce covers, get paper cut to size, produce masters and so on - the alternative is for us to buy all these things, and put the cost of the B.B. beyond the club resources.

Members see the snags without seeing the advantages.  An estimate of the cost of a year’s production of the B.B. was made last October and came out at £110.  This does include postage, envelopes, staples etc.  A similar estimate was made last January and the figure had risen to £132. By March, the figure had become £164 and at this rate, a figure estimated next January might well reach the £200 mark.

Knowing that we already had enough paper donated for this volume, I actually put in a figure of £32 for the cost of production of this volume.  Since then, I have received further donations to the point where I decided to pay the remainder out of my own pocket this year.  Hence the cost of production of volume 29 will be NIL.

At the last A.G.M., the subject of the B.B. was discussed at some length.  I am in a position to put various figures to the club at the A.G.M. if required to show the actual economics of the whole situation.  The conclusion I have come to is that volume 30 (for 1976) should continue to be produced monthly.

Thanks should be given to Garth Dell, Chris Batstone and Gardon Tilly for their efforts in keeping production costs down.  Also to the regular contributors - especially 'Wig' for keeping the contents going.  If we are to keep the B.B. afloat, we need more effort in both these categories.  DONATIONS OF PAPER ARE ESSENTIAL and articles on interesting subjects are, of course, always welcome.  In common with many journals, inflation is hitting the B.B. hard.  As far as I know, the B.B. is the only caving journal to have passed its 300th edition, and it would be a great pity if we had to chop it drastically, or even cease publication altogether after nearly thirty years of production.


Donations of paper, masters and any useful material are always welcome.  Ask Alfie for details if in doubt.  All contributions are also welcome from small items. This size to long articles – and anything in between!