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Any views expressed by any contributor to the Belfry Bulletin, including those of officers of the club, do not necessarily coincide with those of the editor or the committee of the Bristol Exploration Club, unless stated as being the view of the committee or editor.

Owing to the fact that club officers are likely to be changed at the forthcoming a.g. M., the usual list has been omitted from this b. B.


How Big Is The B.E.C.?

At the time of writing, rumours have it that the membership of the club is falling.  If this is really so then it is something of which we should perhaps take note.  However, it is always difficult to predict just how many members, who have ignored all the warnings will still pay their sub eventually, and it may well turn out that by the time of the dinner that we are once again back up to full strength.

Rumour also has it that some members have objected to the various letters which have been sent out. If these objections are based on the actual wording of such letters then it is probably due to the fact that those who have had the job of composing them are not professionals at this art! If, on the other hand, it is the letters them¬selves which have been objected to, then one must, in my opinion, bear in mind the fact that committee must have as much information as possible in order to balance the books in these inflationary days.  We hope that members will perhaps take this point.

Back Again

Your editor has recently received a letter from Sybil who is now back in the locality and writes to say that she will be pleased to see any club members who would like to look her up. Her address is 9 Beverley Close, Critchill Park, Frome, Somerset.

It's a Ruddy Fine Song

Correspondence is still arriving on the somewhat controversial subject of reviving the old Hunters Singsong and there is one aspect of all this which has not so far been mentioned by any of the writers.  In the days when the singsong was a regular Saturday night affair, there existed a hardcore of those who knew the same words and the same tune to any particular song.  On occasions, they even sang it all in the same key as well.  When, as often happened, a group of people arrived with a rival version, they usually got the chance to sing it afterwards and a general decision was made as to which version would be sung in future.  By this sort of process, for example, a later version of 'Cathuselum' was adopted while a later tune to 'The Portions' was not. With so many different versions of 'they words' now current, any would be sing song revivalists face a problem of discipline which I imagine will prove near enough impossible to solve in practice.  In fact, it was the gradual breakdown of the system of having an 'authorised' version - leading to the shouting matches of the Hunters singsong in its final death throes which drove many people - myself included ¬back to the ordinary bar and out of the back room.  Would anybody like to comment on this point of view?

No Election

News has just arrived that there will be no election this year for the new committee, as there are only nine candidates.  This has, of course, happened before on a number of occasions, although one always hopes that it will not become a habit.  It now remains to be seen if the new method to be used for the selection of the club officers will produce any surprises.

Catching Up

In an attempt to catch up with this volume by the Christmas edition, an effort is being made to publish (i.e. to have printed the editions ready for collating and distribution) by the following dates.  Sept., Oct 22. Oct., Nov 10.  Nov, Nov 19 and Christmas, Dec 3rd.  This means producing two pages of B.B. on every working day between now and December 3rd! It will be interesting to see if this can be done!