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We feel sure that we can speak for the entire club in congratulating Graham and John on becoming the current holders of the world depth record and look forward to reading about their exploits in the B.B.  It is particularly pleasing to note that both John and Graham are members of the club committee, so that we can claim to have some active committee members, although your editor is, of course, a notorious exception.

Fatal Accident.

Unhappily, we have also to record the death of Chris Murray which occurred during this years Wessex expedition to the Picos - a sad reminder of the dangers associated with caving of this magnitude.  We would like to offer our sincere condolences to our colleagues of the Wessex Cave Club on this tragic occasion.


We must apologise (we presume, not having yet seen the last B.B.) for the horrible temporary covers. Unfortunately, the hand-copied cover took the printing machine by surprise with the result you, no doubt, noticed.  If it is any consolation, at least, if we ever have to do it again, we can prevent the fault recurring.


Many thanks to Mike Wheadon who, in addition to providing material for the B.B. and standing in as Hon. Sec., designed and drew the improved heading on last month's B.B. One small point for perfectionists - for 'faciendus' read 'faciemus'.  The editor will be asking the Hon. Librarian to purchase a Latin grammar at this rate!

Who Wrote What ?

For anyone who likes to know these things, we have analysed the contents of the last complete volume of the B.B.  (Volume 28 for 1974) and it turns out, much as we suspected, that a small number of people write most of the contents.  In fact, four people wrote half the total for individuals.  Figures are given below:-

Total pages in volume






Total Authors Contributions













Dave Irwin     

46 pages





Andy Nichols

13 pages





Bob Cross        

8 pages





Graham W-J

7 pages  










Remaining author’s contributions






It would be nice to think that more people would be involved in the makeup of the present volume. There is still time for you to make your mark on the next list!

All Quiet

Some time ago, we said that the B.B. would keep members aware of what was going on in caving councils, and readers may wonder why there has been a lull in news from this front. As explained in last month's 'Round & About', the N.C.A. have promised to investigate all the viewpoints currently being expressed.  To date, the CSCC is the only council who have actually appointed a member for the proposed 'commission'.  It must be hoped that the delay elsewhere is merely due to holidays etc. rather than to any wish not to participate.  Assuming this to be so, the B.B. is not making further comment while the issue is under investigation.  Should it turn out to be otherwise, the B.B. will, of course, do its best to put all members straight on what is happening.