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Editors Note:  The explanatory feature on the findings of the Insurance sub-committee promised in the last B.B. for inclusion in this edition had had to be postponed into the August issue owing to the length of the A.G.M. minutes



Once again, the time for nominations for the 1975-6 committee is upon us.  At the time of writing, it is not yet known officially whether any of the members of the present committee are going to resign, but there are a few rumours.  In any case, we are without a climbing secretary and this could well be one of the years when it might be comparatively easy to become elected to the committee.  In addition, there is the new rule which says that the way in which the club officers are chosen must be such that every member of the committee gets a fair chance to apply for any particular job.  Thus, if any reader has a secret hankering to do a particular committee job, now is your chance.  You need no proposer or seconder.  You may nominate yourself if you wish.  If you nominate somebody else, you must make sure that he or she agrees to serve on the committee if elected.  All you have to do is to send or give to the Hon. Sec. (Mike Wheadon) IN WRITING a note to the effect that you wish to nominate a particular person (or a number of people if you wish) and that he or she or they have agreed to serve if elected. Sign it and give or send it to Mike.

Minutes Of The A.G.M.

With no less than 6 pages of this 10 page B.B. given over to the minutes of last years A.G.M., it can hardly be claimed that this is a B.B. packed with something of interest to everyone - and yet the minutes, dull reading though they may be - should be of interest to all members.  The Editor believes that it is better for members of the club to be able to read the main points of all the discussions reasonably fully reported that to have a scrappy set of minutes with much pertinent matter swept under the carpet and hidden from the public gaze.  Apart from this, there is, of course, the fact that there is still damn all stuff coming in from members for the editor to print.  Hint.