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Southern Council

At the Annual Meeting held on Saturday 31st of May, the secretary, Tim Reynolds, resigned.  Tim has spent quite a few years at this thankless task and it is, perhaps, not sufficiently realised just how much Tim has done to ensure that our views have been put over and, in many cases, acted upon. We all owe Tim a most hearty vote of thanks.

For much of the time he was secretary, Tim battled on alone, but recently there has been a growing awareness of the importance of trying to influence the thinking of caving councils by taking part - a process that the B. B. is doing its best to foster.  At present, the B.E.C. is playing a major part. Not only are three of the four trustees of the Southern Council's company members of our club, but the job of being Tim's successor had been taken on by Dave Irwin while Alfie has been elected to the new position of official chairman of the council.

Committee Posts

Because of his new commitments to the Southern Council which represent a great deal of work, and in line with the precedent set by Tim, Dave Irwin is resigning from his position as Hon. Sec. of the B.E.C. but is staying on the committee.  In accordance with recent practice, the club committee are giving notice that a vacancy exists, and this may be taken as the official announcement.  However, it is hardly possible to run the club without an Hon. Sec. and Mike Wheadon has volunteered to take on the job in the meantime and also to put himself forward as an applicant for the job.  We should, I feel, thank Mike for his public spirit and wish him the best of luck!

Andy Nichols has a new job which takes him away from Mendip and has had to resign as Caving Secretary. This job is now being done by Tim Large. We are, of course, still short of a Climbing Sec.  Any offers?


From having plenty of material a month or two ago, we find ourselves in the more usual position of having very little for this edition of the B.B.  I feel that we rely too heavily on a few stalwarts who can be relied on to produce an article on almost anything (or even nothing at a pinch) whenever the need arises.  This month looks as if it will be a mixture of stodge (about caving politics again!) and social news, with very little about caving and climbing.  I am sure that there must be more members who do something occasionally which they can write about.  Why not have the odd go at it, and help the B.B. to have a greater variety of authors and subjects

Car Badges

These are now available again, at the modest price by today's standards, of £1.75 or, as we used to say, thirty five bob.  This bargain offer is for a limited period only, after which they will go up to their proper pride of £2.  How about one for your new Mercedes?


The Secretary wishes to announce in plenty of time that the dinner will again be at the Blue School, Wells, as it was last year.  Saturday, 4th October is the day.  More details will follow in later B.B.’s Meanwhile, keep this day free (there is also an A.G.M. of course).  Last year's dinner was voted by many to have been amongst the best ever held.  Don't mss this one!


It should perhaps; be headed 'Ringpiece'.  The Ed's collection of Hunters songs has now reached the total of 76.  If one includes caving Songs, it comes to over a hundred. Will the publications department dare to publish a B.E.C. Hundred Best Songs?