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A Word From Your Sponsors

The following has been received from Mike Palmer on of the Ian Dear Memorial Committee.

The time of year has again arrived when the I.D.M.F. committee would like to remind 'young' and deserving members that it would like to receive applications for grants as soon as possible.  There are definitely two (if not three) organised club trips to Europe this year all of which are likely to have a fair content of caving.

"What is that?" you may ask!  Well, it's one of the many diverse activities in which our club - your club seems to indulge in pretty continuously despite the many rumours that we (the royal one) gave up years ago.

The all-time record was set last year by no less than 3 applications, even though one of the persons had to back out at the last moment.  Because last years applications were all last minute affairs, it caused some mild flapping in the accounts department and required hasty meetings; let's have them early this year.  You have been warned!

In conclusion, I have listed below (or above or on the next page etc depending on the Editor!) the members of the I.D.M.F. Committee anyone of whom may be approached for details of the rules, method of application and odd general information.  They are as follows:-

'Sett', Mike Palmer, Andy Nichols, Gerry Oaten, Barrie (Scrooge) Wilton.  Let's be having you!