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163.           Political Caving: Moves being discussed in the Regions and at national level indicate that the bureaucratic master minds are attempting to ham­string caving as we know it.  To keep members up to date, a précis of the various minutes received by the Hon. Sec. will be included in the next B.B. together with guidelines to be followed by your committee.

164.            Hobbs Quarries: Quarrymen are now working round the clock at Fairy Cave Quarry, thus making entry to the caves difficult.  It is suspected by various people that the Southern Face will be blasted back to the quarry boundary.  If this happens, W.L. Extension will be all but destroyed; Shatter First and Second Chambers will be badly shaken if not destroyed and Withyhill will be shorn of its decorations as far as Curtain Chambers.

165.           B.C.R.A. Conference, 1975: Manchester, 13-14 September venue,  Renold Building of University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.  Details later.

166.           B.C.R.A. Bulletin No 7: Latest French discoveries, chalk caves near Paris, extensions in Gravel Pot (Yorkshire), Caves of the Appian Alps ( Italy) Ghar Pavan Foundation (details) and accident at Gaping Ghyll (Report).

167.           Jonah is 70 years old!: An entry in a caving log for 1955, dated 30th August and written in Bryan Ellis's handwriting states, "On Feb.10th, 1975, 'Jonah' will be seventy years of age.  Meet at the Hunters.  Free beer all round."  Well, although we didn't see Jonah at the Hunters for our beer - in fact we'd be buying HIM pints - we'd like to offer our congratulations and hope to see him down on Mendip soon.  Incidentally, is Jonah the oldest member of the B.E.C.?

168.           New Surveys available at the Belfry: Surveys of FLOWER POT and LUDWELL CAVE are now available, price 10p each.  Both are printed by the offset process.  During April, surveys of SIDCOT and of WITHYHILL will also be available at about the same prices.

169.           B.C.R.A. Transactions: Volume No 4, December 1974 includes Single Rope Technique Caving; Lead/acid cap lamps; Resistivity over caves and a History of Yorkshire Karst Studies.  Also included is an index to volume 1.

170.           Subscription Rate:  Club subscriptions have been held steady since 1972 and Belfry fees since 1967. Belfry charges have had to be increased recently to cover increases in rates, insurance, electricity etc.  The costs of club administration are also rising, and with increased postal charges, a rise in the annual sub, seems inevitable.  Don't be surprised if next years sub is £3.  The committee are looking into the subject at the moment.

171.           Otter Hole:  In addition to Roy Bennett's article in the B.B. for December 1974 little is being reported in this column, interesting though the site is.  Just wait a while and buy your copy of Cave Notes later in the year!

172.           Swildons in Stereo!:  A fascinating half hour was recently spent by a few members viewing a stereoscopic drawing of Swildons Hole drawn by Mike Cowlinshaw.  Peering through the familiar red and green glasses, the illusion was remarkably realistic and it was illuminating to see the rise and fall of various parts of the system that, unfortunately, the extended elevation of the Stanton survey cannot show.  A real case, surely, for a projected elevation on the next issue of the survey.

173.           An Important Addition to the Library:  We are already blessed with a reasonable collection of C.D.G. records of the 1944 to 1950 vintage, but Tony Johnson's recent gift makes it even more impressive.  A large collection of newspaper cuttings, mainly of the Marriott death and explorations in Peak Cavern.  There is also ample coverage of the archaeological remains found in the Witch's Kitchen at Wookey Hole.  Also included in the file is a collection of press photographs (originals) of the Wookey archaeological exercise and the swimming pool training dives for Operation Vernon (the attack on sump 2 in Swildons.)  For older members, here are superb photographs of the young Hasell, Coase, Lucy, Setterington, Pain etc.  Copies of the photographs will be made and hung in the Belfry.  This file will be available to members for inspection only and our thanks are due to Tony for a very fine gift.  Any members having similar material are asked to consider giving it to the club library.