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As a further antidote to the rather heavy going of caving politics, we publish on the next page one of the rare excursions into verse that occur, perhaps, too seldom nowadays. It comes from that well-known all-rounder, 'Kangy' King and makes a plea for a more colourful Mendip of the sort that existed once and could, perhaps, exist again?

While seated there, upon the bog
Engaging in the usual slog
Of thought and of philosophy,
How very sad it seemed to me
That caving has become so tough
That we don't seem to get enough
Of bods (that word, I fear's no more!)
Who'd cave - then, on the Hunters' floor
Would lie, or even better, stand
And, pint of bitter in their hand,
Declaim in no uncertain fashion
A verse or two with fervent passion.
To each his speciality
Acclaimed aloud by you and me.
Our Alfie was a favourite one
Whose spelaeodes were certain fun:
And Ian Dear, his insides wet,
Would take us through the alphabet.
A Cornishman - young Kenneth Dawe
With beery eye, a vision saw
Of shipwreck on a golden strand
And boatswine - paddle in his hand.
While Norman Petty, quite sedate,
Would drink his beer at steady rate
And then, outside about a firkin
Would sing us 'Pretty Polly Perkin'
And all around, a faithful crowd
Of cavers would give out aloud
The litany of caving things
Which now no Mendip caver sings.
Well - some have not yet given up
And one or two of us will sup
And sing and chant and cave and climb
We haven't stopped: there isn't time!
And, as for songs, it's time we grew
And taught ourselves some ballads new.
The singing in the Pen-y-Gwryd
Last weekend was clear and fluid.
Let us that a model take
And mighty Mendip music make!


The Tacklemaster wishes to appeal to all members to return tackle PROPERLY to the Tackle Store after use. This means washing it; stacking it away properly and signing it back in (after, of course, having signed it OUT when it was taken in the first place.)  The club are spending a large sum of money this year to get the club tackle up to strength and good condition.  This money - YOUR money will be largely wasted if the tackle is not looked after properly.

Belfry Charges

The Committee wish to announce that, owing to the rate of inflation and a forecast by the Treasurer that we should soon be 'in the red' at the old rates, Belfry charges have accordingly had to be raised as follows:-

Members - 25p per night. Guests - 35p per night.   Day Fees - 15p. Camping - 20p.