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Where Now?

We make no apology for reproducing in this B.B. the article written by the current secretary of the Council of Southern Caving Clubs - Tim Reynolds.

As stated in the last issue of the B.B., it is becoming highly necessary for the average caver to know (and preferably to see for himself) just what is going on amongst the 'politicians' of caving.  Tim, as the spokesman of the Southern Council, has already fought various battles to help preserve our present way of life as Mendip cavers and is thus in an excellent position to appreciate the situation.  Readers are strongly advised to read his message carefully.


Not even the B.E.C. is proof against the prevailing rate of inflation.  Reluctantly, the committee has had to increase Belfry charges - which had remained static for eight years in the face of rising costs.  With postal rates going up and the price of paper etc. rising more rapidly than the general rate of inflation, a recommendation will have to be made by the committee to the next A.G.M. about subs.  Needless to say, the committee are looking into every possible way of keeping prices down and giving the members the best value for money, and if YOU have any suggestions as to how this can be done, any member of the committee will be glad to hear of it.

Belfry Alterations

The Belfry Engineer and his advisers have come up with a simple and low cost plan to improve the facilities at the Belfry.  They are, we feel, to be congratulated both on the speed at which they have gone to work and also on their realistic and practical approach.  We hope that the work can soon be started and wish them success.